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Earn BCH by completing this Task

By BitcoinCashSite | Lazyfox task | 1 Feb 2021

The task involves the following:

  1. Complete the Merchant Onboarding Course with perfection.
  2. Affiliate your first 3 BCH merchants.


  • English speakers only.
  • In order for your application to be selected, you must provide a video introduction with it that includes your city in the background.
  • Your city must have a population of 250,000 or more people.
  • No staging, no faking, all must be real.
  • Clean video 16:9 ratio minimum width 1280px, horizontal, no logos or addition of anything, no blurring.
  • Excellent audio is an absolute requirement. Audio must be clear and understandable without background noise, copyrighted elements or music.
  • Tell us your real name and show your face.
  • Acceptance is exclusively at my personal and subjective discretion.
  • If you have applied for other tasks of mine, complete that first before applying for this task.
  • Anything less than the absolute highest quality will be rejected.

To Begin

  • Onboard yourself as a BCH user:
  • Onboard yourself as a contractor and select “Merchant Onboarding” as one of your work interests:
  • You will get an email inviting you to click a green button to verify your email address. Please do so if you wish to complete the course.
  • Complete the course.
  • Onboard 3 merchants in accordance with our rules and processes.

Reference document:

Want to know how to apply?

Register to and click apply by clicking here.

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Lazyfox task
Lazyfox task

Earn BCH by accomplishing a task on

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