Holding is the way!

The reason people miss out since 2010 to date.

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing fine.

Today I'm going to talk on why people misses out and some of them are even long timers who started investing in bitcoin since 2010

I started with bitcoin since 2017, and I have witnessed either bitcoin or any alt pumping and I was to late to the run, sometimes even bought at the peak and I ended up losing because after a pump follows a correction which involves a coin going down a bit.

While I have been wondering am I just unlucky or what, I figured it is not about lucky, it is about knowledge, they say knowledge is power now I believe them.

Imagine if you owned 10000 DOGES just 8 months ago, now you could have been a millionaire, just like that, 10000 Doges used to be nothing. But I missed that. Not just doges, but imagine you had enough bitcoins just 8 months ago when bitcoin was around $10k, not it is at 60k, that is six times your money, I did not miss it much, but if I my investment was a long term then I was supposed to be on profit now.

Here is the solution: You see people thinks that all this is about lucky, but it is not for others it is about analysis and paying attention to the market.

Turns out long term holding pays off greatly, out one must be patient, do analysis find a potential coin to invest, then buy a lot of it and forget those coins, if you want to get rich, trading would keep you in a loop especially for beginners who have small capital, holding is what you should be doing, but after you have perfectly done your analysis on the coin.

Thanks for reading my article, if you have any opinion or comment please do not hesitate to share.


Image by Bianca Holland from Pixabay

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I'm a web developer, software engineer and cryptocurrency investor

Ways to make money in cryptocurrencies.
Ways to make money in cryptocurrencies.

Here are the most common ways to make money in cryptocurrencies: Trading: This is a profession though, you can not just go ahead and start trading you need to learn it. Holding: does not need any expertise, you just have to pick the right coins to hold. Airdrops and bounties: Nowadays they are not so reliable though. Mining, Staking and Investing: These are the ways where you earn by interest. Starting a faucet site or blogs: Needs a little programming skills.

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