Daily Crypto Gathering for Beginners – A Way Your Friends Could Do it

By lazerclash | watching grass grow | 24 Apr 2021

I have been into only the absolute top layer of the cryptocurrency world over the past few months, which means I still don't even understand things that other, more experienced investors would think are basic knowledge. But what we all can agree on is that DeFi is something every person would need to enjoy.

In this article I will be introducing you my personal daily routine for gathering small portions of cryptocurrency on the internet without actually mining. With just about an hour spent on these activities daily, you or your friends can experience the decentralized world's new approach to the net.

I hope that I will be able to give you some tips to get more out of every day when you are busy in the crypto world.

If you are reading this, of course you know where my list starts...

Note: Not Everything's on Your Phone
Even though we live in an era where smartphones are a must for the everyday life and nowadays you can buy, sell, take notes, watch movies and play games using beautifully designed, compact apps, sometimes an app – like in our case when we talk about crypto gathering with the use of various websites and applications – might not fulfill the requirements for a pleasant experience.

Even though I use everything listed here on my iPhone 7 as well, not all of them give me a financial benefit on this platform.

Make sure you choose any of these apps and sites so that they fit your needs and you can get the most out of them.

At the end of each entry, I will give you my personal reasoning about the better interface (usability, effectivenes in crypto gathering) regarding the PC surface vs the Android/iOS app.


1) Publish0x

The first entry on my list is of course Publish0x. This is the place I spend most of my time browsing through interesting articles in different categories from fellow writers and beginner / expert journalists.

By creating an account on Publish0x you can instantly get a go with donating to authors and in the meantime, getting a small portion back to your local wallet. The three rewarded cryptocurrencies, Ethereum (ETH), Ampleforth (AMPL) and iFarm (IFARM) are given out to you and your supported author randomly, and meanwhile you really get a small portion of these with each donation, your overall balance can become quite huge after a few weeks persistently educating yourself in various topics and supporting authors on the DeFi web.

PC or Phone?

My personal choice: PC.

While Publish0x has the same plain and self-explanatory interface when viewing on a phone or a PC browser, for authors, writing articles and more specifically editing them can be much more productive when using the PC version.


2) Upland

I miss the time when MMORPG games had been a huge part of my life. I miss the times when I had to "work hard" in World of Warcraft for a single equipment for my character or learn a new profession to gather money in-game.
Upland fulfills your longing you might have for a game where your account's worth is constantly improving if you pay adequate attention to it.

In short, Upland is a property trading game where everything can be possible – so do the creators say.

After signing up to the site, you will need keep a look around for cheap opportunities of buying an in-game property (which has a correspondent one in the real world!) using the UPX currency. Take part in various activities like treasure hunts or limited-time events, get UPX as a fee from other players when they visit one of your properties, place buildings on your owned territories and there is much more to come in the world of Upland!

PC or Phone?

My personal choice: Phone.

When collecting your generated UPX and fees that had been paid to you daily, the PC-browser version is satisfying enough – for those few minutes. But when you take on a treasure hunt, which needs continous tapping on a pinata to get the highest value out of it, I would advise you to use your phone app for that one.

Check out Upland using my referral link! If you use this link, Upland will award you with a bonus for your first purchase: https://r.upland.me/B7VB

3) KuCoin


Thanks to the Publish0x promotion, I got to know a crypto trading platform that works quite well for someone who is not that experienced in the stock market.

With an infinite amount of coin trading pairs in 2021 I would say KuCoin is the one of the best platforms to start experimenting with crypto trading as a beginner. The website and app are easy to use, the UI is self-explanatory while you have a lot of advanced options to tinker with.
What is a really appealing idea from the company is a nice discount on the low taker & maker fee is using KuCoin's very own cryptocurrency, KCS for paying them – this lowers your costs by 20%!

There are a lot of ongoing events and promotions featuring different altcoins in which everyone can take their part with the right amount of money invested.

For beginners, along with the fee payment with KCS it's also nice to see a free deposit option for all your owned coins on other crypto-wallets.
As an example: Sending BAT from Gemini to your KuCoin address, you will not pay fees on either side. Don't forget that you are also able to transfer your collected crypto on Publish0x to KuCoin from as low as $0.5!

PC or Phone?

My personal choice: Phone.

Since a lot of advanced features (like Futures trading) are exclusive to the app, I always use the app.
I also happen to have a somewhat slower internet connection – and the KuCoin webpage is quite demanding & depending on it,
I personally experience a much smoother daily trading activity when visiting it through the app.

If you want to register to KuCoin, please do so by my referral link:


4) Brave Browser


Save internet traffic, keep your own data, earn tokens while browsing. That's it!

I was sold when I learned about Brave's integrated ad-blocker feature. I was even happier when I got to know that I passively earn BAT tokens when the browser shows me their own, minimalistic advertisements. 

It's like Chrome but better. Brave's Chromium-based web browser gives you freedom when choosing your preferred apps within the browser. You can simply visit the Chrome App Store to get everything you need. Plus, you get a built-in ad blocker which you can customize, turn on/off anytime you want.

I am using Brave on my Macbook, PC and phone as well since while it is blocking a lot of ads, it saves me , memory, download data and most importantly, precious time.

You don't have to create an account for earning BAT. The computer you use stores all the data that is needed to keep on grinding BAT tokens while browsing the web.

Do you have some favourite creators who's also a Brave Creator? You can visit their social media sites and tip them some of your BAT!
Are you a creator yourself? Go ahead to creators.brave.com and sign-up with your personal pages to get BAT from your followers as a donation!

PC or Phone?

My personal choice: Both.

Now that you can change your default browser to anything you'd like on iOS devices as well, I immediately changed Safari to Brave since it's saving me a good amount of mobile data when I check out something on my phone.
I also prefer using Brave on my MacBook since it's not that much of a memory hog like Chrome – thanks to the ad blocker.

Get Brave today!


5) PreSearch




Have you ever tried using a search engine instead of google.com? You might know the feeling when that other engine cannot seem to find anything that's even close to what you are looking for. I can guarantee you, PreSearch is NOT that other engine.
Of course while you search, you earn PRE tokens!

With a lot of personalizations you can define for yourself, Presearch – alongside their own search engine – is giving you freedom over your other desired search engines as well, and many more. When visiting Presearch.org, you can customize your home page with different colors and backgrounds, select your favourite search providers and put them on the start screen.

If you use Presearch's very own search engine, you will earn some small amount of PRE token with every search you start. This will be added to your account instantly and you can track all your activities by visiting your profile.

Very limited ads are shown on the page of your search results (maybe 1?) as this is a unique Presearch-feature called Keyword Staking.

What I find quite annoying is the fact that you cannot withdraw your PRE tokens until you have reached 1.000. With different levels of PRE you will earn different amounts per search. I currently earn 0,12 per search, so if I fully take advantage of my daily limit of 30 rewarded searches, I am able to gather 3,6 PRE tokens per day. Since I am not aiming for fiat-out my cryptocurrencies, I'm happy with gathering more PRE over the time since we don't know what the future holds for PRE. If you don't plan to do Keyword Staking, this journey will be long one for you as well.

PC or Phone?
My personal choice: Both.

Changing your default search engine has been easy for a long time on a PC. You just choose it or enter it manually in your browser's settings tab and you are good to go.

Now that Brave Browser has updated their phone app to let users change their preferred search engine to whatever they want: of course I use PreSearch there too!

Have a look at Presearch on the link down below:



6) Theta TV


Do you like games? Do you want to gather crypto when watching streams? This is the right place!

If you are interested in crypto mining just for watching streams online and not killing your PC while doing so, Theta.TV has come up with a platform where you "mine" TFuel cryptocurrency while generating upload/download traffic through their site.

TFuel is stored on your profile which you can use to support your favourite broadcasters, place some coins to win bets and big rewards, participate in raffles featuring high-value items, buy merch, game skins, consoles, GFuel and even more!

By visiting the site and you place some coins on one of the currently live streamers' ongoing bets, you will also received a daily reward. These rewards often contain crates which gives you a random thing: I have already won there a TFuel mug and a GFuel Starter Pack. It IS legit!

PC or Phone?

My personal choice: PC.

When I'm chilling at home and have nothing to do, I always use my laptop to watch streams and videos. It's simply because of the bigger screen and better sound quality.

Check out Theta.TV through the link below! If you register through my referral link, we might end up being friends on Theta.TV and hopefully receive something.


I'm really happy that you stopped by!

Please leave some comments down below if you have some other suggestions to this list. I shall update it over the time with the ones other people use for daily crypto gathering.

If you liked the post or have questions about anything in connection with it,
make sure you leave a comment below so I can feel some warm and fuzzy attention. I'll reply, 100%! :)

Care to see more content from me? I usually write about technology and gaming on my LazerTex blog here on Publish0x and stream videogames regularly on my Twitch channel.
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