Top Ten Best Comedy Film Series

By wrabbiter | watched-this-yet | 16 Nov 2020

They say laughter is the best medicine. If this is true, then these movies should be credited for healing a lot of wounded souls all over the world. Which among the following is worthy to be called, the best comedy film series?


American Pie

Capitalizing on the sexual curiosity that sprouts in the mind of every struggling teen, this film that was conceptualized during the late 90s went on to be a pop-culture phenomenon during the early 2000s. Consequently, it paved the way for 4 spin-offs which were not released theatrically, but were capable of solidifying this film series’ reputation as one of the most important comedies of all time.

Amedican Pie – 1999

American Pie 2 – 2001

American Wedding – 2003

American Reunion – 2012


Austin Powers

It features parodies of important Hollywood characters, most notably the most popular spy of all, James Bond. The films that comprise it poke fun at the outrageous plots, rampant sexual innuendo, and 2-dimensional stock characters associated with the spy films of the 60s. For the moment, there are rumors and speculations about a new installment, rumors that many fans are hoping to be affirmative.

International Man of Mystery – 1997

The Spy Who Shagged Me – 1999

Goldmember – 2002


Laurel and Hardy

Starred by 2 actors on a comedy double act during the early Classical Hollywood era of American cinema, this set of films spanned into a whooping 106 releases. It is without a doubt one of the very reasons why slapstick comedy is well loved by people of all generations. It is also inarguably one of the reasons why the term ‘short film’ is now one of the ultimate amusement bringers for both filmmakers and moviegoers today.

First Film: The Lucky Dog

Last Film: Atoll K

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Meet The Parents

It is quite rare for a comedy movie to establish a big legacy. But such rarity was garnered by this film franchise which resulted in a reality show, movie inspirations, and countless other quotations from other comedy projects. Its first installment was both a critical and commercial success. Though the ones that followed weren’t as good, its achievement has brought about a different kind of bliss and joy within the global scene of pop culture.


Meet The Parents – 2000

Meet The Fockers – 2004

Little Fockers – 2010


National Lampoon’s Vacation

The series portrays the misadventures of the Griswold family, whose attempts to enjoy vacations and holidays are plagued with continual disasters and strangely embarrassing predicaments. It attained an impressive list of awards, most notably the ones it got from Total Film Magazine and AFI which recognized the first film of the series as one of the greatest comedy films of all time.

National Lampoon’s Vacation – 1983

National Lampoon’s European Vacation – 1985

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – 1989

Vegas Vacation – 1997

Vacation – 2005


Police Academy

With a criminal lead character who was forced to join a crazy police squad as punishment, this film series is as wacky as its plot – the kind of wacky that nobody could ever resist. The films that comprise it depended on low-brow humor, usually based on simple characterizations and physical comedy. But its impact can never be called low and simple because, in the spectrum of comedy, it’s one of the greatest ever in Hollywood history.

Police Academy – 1984

Their First Assignment – 1985

Back in Training – 1986

Citizens on Patrol – 1987

Assignment Miami Beach – 1988

City Under Siege – 1989

Mission To Moscow – 1994


Scary Movie

Horror is supposed to be its main theme, but the concept easily vanishes once the viewer is dozed with unparalleled comedy that’s packaged with it. Relying heavily on spoof and parody, it is perhaps the ultimate film project that anyone must look up to, if he wants to see the modern times in a truly funny, and perfectly amusing perspective.

Scary Movie 1 – 2000

Scary Movie 2 – 2001

Scary Movie 3 – 2003

Scary Movie 4 – 2006

Scary Movie 5 – 2013


The Hangover

With a theme that is directly clear on the title itself, the series starts off with a situation that many party-goers can easily relate to: waking up after a night of booze extravaganza. It was a critical and commercial success, and received multiple other accolades. It is the second highest-grossing R-rated comedy ever in the United States, and is declared by many as the ‘ultimate getaway film’ for guys.

The Hangover 1 – 2009

The Hangover 2 – 2011

The Hangover 3 – 2013


The 3 Stooges

Upon their first appearance during the late 50s their films have never left American television. But throughout the generations, they continue to delight old fans while attracting new admirers. They were a hard-working group of comedians and such effort turned their films into global spectacles. This made them succeed in accomplishing what they always intended to do: immersing people in uncontrollable laughter.

First Film: Soup To Nuts

Last Film: Kook’s Tour

(See full film list here)


The Gods Must Be Crazy

Most comedy movies, or any movie for that matter, require a well-honed lead actor to gain mass following. What’s so different about this one is that the one on the lead role, never attained any acting education, or any form of education you could ever think of. Starred by an African native who didn’t quite understand what he was really doing in front of a machine called a camera by then, this movie can really make anyone laugh crazily, regardless of the culture you may have originated from.

The Gods Must Be Crazy 1 - 1980

The Gods Must Be Crazy 2 – 1981

The Gods Must Be Crazy 3 (Crazy Zafari) – 1991

The Gods Must Be Crazy 4 (Crazy Hong Kong) 1993

The Gods Must Be Funny In China – 1994

Which do you think among these should be declared as number 1?

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