Ten Best Street-Level Superheroes From Movies and TV

By wrabbiter | watched-this-yet | 20 Nov 2020

They have a heart that is very willing to save the world, but on a day to day basis, what they actually do on their own is just keep the streets and the neighborhood safer– not stop the world from heading into apocalypse or stopping a gigantic machine that can end the human race, just stopping typical bad guys and criminals. Simply stated, they can just be simply me… or you. Who do you think among these costumed adventurers is the best street-level superhero?



Real Name: Walter Kovacs

Base of Operations: New York City

Other superheroes have day jobs, but this street-smart adventurer doesn't have any. By day, he constantly strolls the streets of New York bringing a message that people should repent and change themselves. Viewed as a lunatic by the society he is religiously protecting, Rorschach is really crazy enough to waste himself by fully devoting his life to heroism, without compromise.

Creators: Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons

Publisher: DC Comics



Real Name: James Howlett

Base of Operations: (varies depending on mission/adventure)

A very brave super-soldier who easily heals any wounds and with severe attitude problems, that's what this guy is all about. You can hurt him pretty bad, but he recovers pretty easily. That doesn’t make life easier for him though, for it just seems to invite more trouble the more he utilizes such an advantage. Known to be centuries older than most superheroes, Wolverine has a great array of skills and combat tactics that make him a very dangerous opponent even when pitted against the most powerful supervillains.

Creators: Roy Thomas, Len Wein, John Romita, Sr.

Publisher: Marvel Comics



Real Name: Peter Parker

Base of Operations: New York City

The first truly popular teenage superhero. He is your friendly neighborhood wisecracking defender. Battling both small-time and big time evildoers, he is not an ultra-powered entity, though he is very much worthy to be hailed among those kinds. In an era where teenagers were often depicted as sidekicks, Spider-Man abolished the stereotyping and became one of the most famous superheroes of all time.

Creators: Stan Lee, Steve Ditko

Publisher: Marvel Comics



Real Name: David Lizewski

Base of Operations: New York City

If you think that all superheroes are well-trained and well-organized, think again. Dave Lizewski is just a scrawny kid who believes that bravery and a costume are all you need to be a hero. Armed with a pair of batons and a slightly damaged body which gives him high resistance to pain, he is determined to kick the asses of bad guys though he is neither efficient nor very good at it.

Creators: Mark Millar, John Romita, Jr.

Publisher: Marvel Comics, Icon Comics



Real Name: Unknown

Base of Operations: London

Insanity is actually a bad thing, unless it turns you into a pacifist, a protector, and a superhero. Stalking the streets of London for abusive and delinquent individuals, this character with a mysterious past and an even more mysterious image is a poetic and very romantic revolutionist as well. While many superheroes are known for their flashy names and taglines, this intellectual vigilante is out to prove that all you need to be great, is just a single letter.

Creators: Alan Moore, David Lloyd

Publisher: Vertigo Comics, DC Comics



Real Name: Matthew Murdock

Base of Operations: New York City

He is the first blind superhero. His main public identity is that of a law-defender. He is one of the smartest lawyers in the city, but doesn’t get greedy with it as he often chooses clients who can’t even pay him enough with his outstanding services. Created in the tradition of Spider-Man, and with motifs inspired by Batman, Daredevil though viewed as a demonic character is actually the most religious superhero.

Creators: Stan Lee/Steve Ditko

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Green Arrow

Real Name: Oliver Queen

Base of Operations: Starling City

A billionaire playboy and businessman, that's what he is in the community. In the underground scene however, he becomes a costumed vigilante who targets and pierces anyone who has the habit of corrupting and destroying peace and order in his city. While most of his antagonists take pleasure in utilizing guns and ammo to prove their superiority, Oliver is pretty content with his archery gear and skills.

Creator: Mort Weisinger, George Papp

Publisher: DC Comics



Real Name: Frank Castle

Base of Operations: New York City

He works alongside heroes with super-powers. But since he has none of that, he relies on high-powered weapons instead, in addition to his veteran-level warrior skills as a field combatant. Coupled with his brilliant tactics and over the top brutality, this guy is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous humans in the superhero universe. He has the habit of punishing criminals, and has earned the reputation of being very good with it.

Creators: Gerry Conway, John Romita Sr.

Publisher: Marvel Comics


The Phantom

Real Name: Kit Walker

Base of Operations: Banggala, Africa

Most superheroes operate in city streets and jump from one tall building into another. But for this guy, his most ideal criminal-busting region is in the fictitious jungles of Banggala, somewhere in Africa. He doesn’t hop from one skyscraper to another, nor does he drive fast cars and vehicles, but shows some great swiftness in fighting criminality amongst trees and rivers. As an offspring of a heroic dynasty that has been present for centuries, The Phantom is a relatively unpopular character, but an amazing one nonetheless.

Creator: Lee Falk

Publisher: Frew Publications



Real Name: Bruce Wayne

Base of Operations: Gotham City

A non-superpowered superhero, but one of the greatest there ever was. He is said to be the world's greatest detective. He is proven to be capable of beating Superman and other meta-humans with nothing but his will and intellect. The existence of this bat-motifed vigilante is a solid proof that you don’t need super-powers to be at the level of god-like beings.

Creator: Bob Kane

Publisher: DC Comics


Who do you think among them should be declared as number 1?

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