Most NFT games put the marketplace, not the engaging gameplay, as a priority. Warhands NFT is different from the competitors.

How is Warhands NFT different from its competitors?

By Warhands NFT | Warhands NFT Blog | 8 Apr 2022

We’re developing an honest gaming project where each user will find something for themselves. The NFT gaming market is flooded with games that violate the principles of fair game design. P2E games are mostly more about Earning than Playing. Most NFT games put the marketplace, not the engaging gameplay, as a priority. Warhands NFT is different from the competitors. How exactly?

Pay2Win is not about Warhands NFT. You don’t have to make in-app purchases all the time to play and win.

Although NFT cards with value have been introduced into the project, users are fighting on equal terms. The balance of the game is built based on an internal rating system. Beginners come across other beginners and experienced fighters encounter veterans. However, you can increase your battle rating with the help of NFT cards. The more of the same cards in the deck, the higher the card’s level. This is the direct path to battle glory in Warhands NFT. However, don’t forget that the higher the level of the NFT card, the more expensive it is on the marketplace.

Soft Monetization. The team does not seek to squeeze the resources out of the players in all accessible ways. Our goal is to provide interesting and understandable card strategy gameplay. The format of NFT deck is an additional format of mutually profitable game monetization. By buying and upgrading the NFT cards, you increase their value. The higher it is, the higher the cost at selling. Marketplace in Warhands NFT is integrated as a trade platform, not as a platform for renting avatars.

You can download Warhands on Google Play and App Store and play it right now. Many projects on the NFT market enter the token sale without a well-developed alpha version of the game. Warhands NFT, on the other hand, is ready to immediately provide a finished game project. This will not only allow you to personally determine the value of Warhands but also make money on it.

Warhands NFT continues to develop and improve approaches to game updates. We are glad to see you on our social networks and tell you even more about our plans for the game. See you on the battlefield, Champion!

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Warhands NFT
Warhands NFT

WarHands:NFT is a free-to-play Play2Earn clash battle strategy.

Warhands NFT Blog
Warhands NFT Blog

WarHands: NFT is a free-to-play #Play2Earn clash battle strategy. Join our community!

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