AURON: Check out the bottle of the future!

Drinking from plastic bottles isn't completely safe because tiny little microplastics will enter your body and billions of plastic bottles are polluting the environment every year.


Luckily there is a Kickstarter with a fantastic solution. Auron will make a stainless steel bottle with a LED UVC light that will clean itself and any liquid you put in it. It is layered so that liquids can stay cool for 24 hours or hot for 12. There is a display on the top that can trigger the light and show your drink's temperature. You can use it while hiking and add river water to fill up. It only takes sixty seconds to purify eliminating 99.9% of bacteria. This is such a great idea that Auron has easily met their target and this idea will surely be copied. Hopefully, plastic bottles will go the way of the Dodo bird quickly and we can all thank Auron for this terrific idea.

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