Learn about TheForce.Trade & earn 10 $FOC tokens - CoinMarketCap Earn quiz answers

By wantumeni | wantumeni | 29 Jun 2021

TheForce.Trade learn & earn campaign quiz will run from June 28th to July 7th.


What is TheForce.Trade?

TheForce.Trade is a DeFi and NFT Value-Adding Platform that utilises community-elected tools and smart contracts to unlock the full value of DeFi and NFT assets. It is designed to solve the difficulties of DeFi and NFT investors in collecting and analysing information on different projects and mining pools.

Before taking the quiz, make sure to learn about TheForce.Trade through these 3 lessons. Even though I provide the answers, the whole purpose is to learn something new:

  • What is TheForce.Trade?
  • How to make easy passive income from TheForce.Trade DeFi?
  • What's so special about TheForce.Trade NFT Platform?


How to take the quiz?

Make sure to have a CoinMarketCap account and a Binance account as you will need a Binance user ID to complete the quiz. Also, you will need a Binance Smart Chain wallet or any other wallet supporting BSC.

Once you're all set, you can now take the quiz to which you will find the answers below. Please let me know if there are incorrect answers.

  • What are the Services that Theforce.Trade provides? All of Above
  • What is the token symbol of TheForce.Trade platform tokens? Please find it here. FOC
  • What type of NFT can be traded on TheForce NFT Platform? All of Above
  • What are the scenarios where you can use FOC token? All of Above
  • What will you be able to do with the NFTs that you bought from TheForce.Trade?All of Above
  • What chain was TheForce.Trade initially launched on? Binance Smart Chain (BSC)


There are a total of 100,000 FOC tokens so hurry up, first come first serve! 

Thanks for reading.


Disclaimer: All information found on this article is for informational purposes only. I do not provide any personal investment advice so please make your own research before proceeding to any investment/trading actions.


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