Toy Story Mania Final Score

Toy Story Mania

By JFPatriots | Walt Disney World | 26 Feb 2021

A highly popular and interactive attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World is Toy Story Mania!  Try to get the high score of the day (or at least the high score of your ride vehicle) as you take part in five different arcade style games!  You'll see many of your favorite Toy Story characters including Woody, Jessie, Rex, the Green Army Men, the Aliens, and more!

Ride Details

Thrill Type: Interactive 4D game/ride.

Height Requirement: There is no minimum height requirement to ride this attraction

FastPass+:  Yes, but currently no fastpasses due to COVID-19

Ride Length: Approximately 7 minutes

Handicapped Accessibility: Must be able to transfer to ride vehicle

Tip:  Targets that are farther away are typically worth more points!  There are also some special targets that unleash additional targets that are worth a lot more points!

Fun Fact:  The entrance to Toy Story Mania used to be on the other side of the attraction!  However when Toy Story Land opened at Disney's Hollywood Studios in the summer of 2019, the new entrance to the attraction opened!

Other Info:  This attraction has been a part of Hollywood Studios for many years now and is a fan favorite!  There is also a similar ride at Pixar Pier in Disney's California Adventure Park.  

Ride Overview:  Grab your 3D glasses and hop on the special ride vehicle that spins and slides as you move throughout the five games!  The way you "shoot" is by pulling the cord and depending on the game, you might be shooting a baseball, a dart, a pie, or more!  

The ride starts off spinning to the practice area where you shoot Pies at targets that Woody and Jessie are holding.  They will also move the targets from side to side for you to practice your aim as well.  It's always fun to shoot the pies at the characters as well!  From there you'll spin on over to your first game which is with Hamm and the Eggs.  In this game, you'll be shooting hard-boiled eggs as you try to hit targets in the barnyard!  After that round is over, check your score and accuracy as you spin over to the next game, which features Rex and Trixie's Dino section.  Here you'll be shooting darts at the different balloons in order to pop them to earn points!  You'll see the balloons refilling and rising in the air in this volcano land!  Next, you'll spin on over to the Green Army Men and you'll be shooting baseballs at dinner plates "this ain't your mom's house, break those plates!"  At this point your score should be getting much higher!  The next game is with Buzz Lightyear's section and you'll toss rings at the aliens to score points for this game!  And last is Woody's Rootin' Tootin' Shootin' Gallery where you'll play the final game in Woody's Roundup.  In this game, you'll be shooting darts with suction cups at the different targets and when you hit one target, some other targets with higher point scores appear!  And then in this game you'll start to move along the screen as this is the final game and you'll have a chance to score a lot of final points!  After this, you'll go to the final screen where you'll see your final score!  Did you have what it takes to get the high score of the day?  the high score of the hour?  or at least the high score of your Ride vehicle?  Hopefully you enjoyed the ride and next time will score even more points!

The below YouTube video is a "Full Experience" video of the Toy Story Mania attraction!  The Full Experience video includes what it's like to wait in the Queue, an on-ride POV video of the full attraction, and more!  


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