Magic Carpets of Aladdin Ride

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

By JFPatriots | Walt Disney World | 31 Jul 2021

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin is a popular attraction that is found in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom theme park!  Hop on a magic carpet and you'll be sent flying around, and as Genie likes to say, be sure to keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the carpet at all times!

Thrill Type:  Slow spinning ride
Height Requirement:  Any Height
FastPass+: Yes, but no fastpasses currently due to COVID-19
Overview:  Get ready to take flight on a magic carpet ride as you fly around a giant genie bottle and magic lamp!  Take control of your carpet by sitting in the front row to control how high or low you fly by moving a lever, or sit in the back row and tip your carpet forward or backward by pressing a magic button!
Ride Length: approx 90 seconds
Handicapped Accessibility: Must transfer to/from wheelchair.
Tip: If you are only riding in one row on the magic carpet, make sure you sit in the front row.  The lever in the front row makes the carpet go up and down.  If you are in the back row, you could only make the carpet tilt up and down.
Fun Fact:  The two golden camels (that actually spit!) were originally built to be a part of an Aladdin parade at Disney's MGM Studios (now called Disney's Hollywood Studios).  But when that parade never came to fruition, the camels found their permanent home at this attraction!
Other Info:  There is a camel near the front of the ride that like to "spit" at guests passing by and another camel that likes to spit at the magic carpets flying by!

Ride Overview: The Magic Carpets of Aladdin is a spinning ride similar to the popular Dumbo attraction that is fun for all ages!  If you sit in the front seat of the attraction, you are able to use the joystick to control the carpet moving higher and lower.  If you are sitting in the back seat, you can press the button to have the magic carpet tilt forward and backwards! 


The below YouTube video is a "Full Experience" video of the Toy Story Mania attraction!  The Full Experience video includes what it's like to wait in the Queue, an on-ride POV video of the full attraction, and more!  


Be sure to visit the website, Life In The Magic, for all things Walt Disney World, Disneyland California, and Disney Cruise Line!

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