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Swiss Family Treehouse Entrance Sign

Swiss Family Treehouse

By JFPatriots | Walt Disney World | 31 Jul 2021

Make your way to Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom park and walk through a fan favorite attraction, the Swiss Family Treehouse!  Wouldn't you like to live this way, high up in the air with a fully functional kitchen?  This is a must see attraction that is based off of the Swiss Family Robinson Movie!

Thrill Type:  Walk-through tour
Height Requirement:  Any Height
FastPass+: No
Overview:  Walk through this recreated home of the Robinson family, inspired by the movie, "Swiss Family Robinson" in which the Robinson Family was stranded on an island after their ship, the Swallow, became stranded off the coast of an uninhabited island after a pirate attack.  The family then used wreckage from the ship to build a home inside of of a huge tree!  The rooms featured in the walk-through tour are the living room, the kitchen and dining room, the crow's nest, the study/library, and the jungle lookout!
Ride Length: At your own pace (approx 5-10 minutes)
Handicapped Accessibility: Must be ambulatory.
Tip: If you don't want to make it all the way up to the top of the tree house, about half way up there is a connection between the stairs going up and the stairs going down with a gate to end the walking tour a bit earlier.
Fun Fact:  It takes 116 stairs to get to the top of the treehouse!
Other Info:  The tree is made up of steel, concrete, and stucco and was made to look like a real tree.  The top of the tree measures 60 feet tall and 90 feet wide.

Attraction Overview: Your journey through the treehouse starts you off on the ground and you make your way up a set of stairs to walk through numerous "rooms" that exist in the treehouse.  The first room that you'll encounter on the tour of the treehouse is a dining room area with tables, china, a ships steering wheel, and a piano!  As you make your way higher, the next room you encounter is a fully furnished bedroom!  After that, you'll make your way to the highest point of the treehouse, the Crow's Nest.  But that's not the end of the attraction!  As you make your way down the stairs you'll find yourself encountering the Library, and lastly you'll find the Kitchen before making your way to the exit.  We hope you enjoyed the tour of the Treehouse as much as we do!


The below YouTube video is a "Full Experience" video of the Swiss Family Treehouse attraction walking through the whole treehouse as described above!


Be sure to visit the website, Life In The Magic, for all things Walt Disney World, Disneyland California, and Disney Cruise Line!

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