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Pirates of the Caribbean Entrance

Pirates of the Caribbean

By JFPatriots | Walt Disney World | 7 Aug 2021

"Dead Men Tell No Tales" is the mantra of the Pirates!  Head on over to Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World to go on a slow paced but action packed boat ride in the middle of the Pirates of the Caribbean!  This attraction features Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow as well as many other audio anamatronics that are sure to keep you at the edge of your seat on the boat!  And be sure to sing along with the Pirates as they sing the popular song, Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me!

Thrill Type:  Slow boat ride, small drop, dark
Height Requirement:  Any Height
FastPass+: Yes
Overview:  Hop on a barge and let the current take you within a stone-wall fortress on a swashbuckling voyage that'll sure to get you singing!  "Yo Ho, Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me)" is echoed throughout the ride as you come face to face with many pirates and you may even spot Captain Jack Sparrow as he secretly attempts to get a hold of the treasure of the town!
Ride Length: approx 7:30 minutes
Handicapped Accessibility: Must transfer to/from wheelchair.
Tip: The line on this ride typically gets long and moves slowly.  If you are able to get a FastPass+ on this ride, the wait ends up being minimal!
Fun Fact: Pirates of the Caribbean was the last attraction the Walt Disney participating in designing before his death.  It was originally supposed to be a walk-through wax museum, but with the success of the "it's a small world" ride with audio-animatronics, Walt decided that he wanted to tell this story in that same way!
Other Info: There are several different sections that make up this ride.  Pirates Grotto is a haunted realm that features the struggles that Pirates had to endure in the open water.  The Fort is where you'll see Captain Barbossa as he battles with the a Caribbean Fort.  Next is the Town Square, which is a mid-century marketplace where you'll see the townsfolk bidding in an auction.  You'll then sail through the Burning City where looters and beggars attempt to find a treasure while the seaside town is engulfed in flames.  Last, sail through the Dungeon and see the jail cell where trapped pirates attempt to lure a dog to bring them the prison keys that he is holding in his mouth!  

Ride Overview: The ride starts off in a quiet, slow paced boat ride where you'll see the types of struggles that Pirates had to endure when they first set sail in the open sea.  In this section, there will be a lot of bones, some thunderstorms, and even a few birds here and there.  Be sure to smile towards the end of this, because after a small drop, you'll find yourself in the middle of a cannon ball fight between Captain Barbossa and the fort next to you!  You may get a splash here and there if the cannon balls hit the water close to your boat, but don't worry, you won't sink!  As you make your way to the town square, you might catch your first glimpse of Captain Jack Sparrow followed by the famous auction scene where the chant is "we want the Rum!"  Next you'll find yourself in the burning city where the pirate looters and betters look to find treasure while destroying the city and everything in it!  Yo may even see Captain Jack Sparrow here, looking at a map of where the treasure is!  And finally, you'll make your way to the dungeon scene, where you'll see the famous jail cell where trapped pirates are trying to get the dog to bring them the keys to their cells!  But on the other side, Captain Jack is singing amongst the spoils of riches that he found with his treasure map!  

The below YouTube video is a POV video of the Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction!    

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