Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Entrance

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

By JFPatriots | Walt Disney World | 11 Aug 2021

Head on over to the Widest Ride in the Wilderness in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World!  Also known as Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, you'll make your way on a runaway mine railroad through the Mountain that is sure to be a thrill for all brave enough to ride!

Thrill Type:  Rollercoaster Thrill ride with small drops
Height Requirement:  Guests must be 40in or taller
FastPass+ (moving to Genie+ at some point): Yes
Overview:  "This hear's the wildest ride in the wildnernesssssss!" are the last words you hear after boarding your runaway mine train and head off on a journey through an abandoned mine shaft!  Two lifts, bats in tunnels, falling boulders, and sharp turns are just a few of the experiences you will have while whipping around the rickety track of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!
Ride Length: approx 3:00 minutes
Handicapped Accessibility: Must transfer to/from wheelchair.
Tip: Riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at night enhances the ride experience as the sharp turns and speed feels so much more intense!
Fun Fact:  Big Thunder Mountain Railroad construction was put on hold two times due to the construction of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and Space Mountain.  Originally conceived in the early 1970s, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad didn't open until November 15th, 1980!
Other Info:  Big Thunder Mountain Railroad reaches maximum speeds of 36 mph and a maximum height of 104 ft.

Ride Overview: "Hang on to your personal belongings now, especially them hats and glasses, because this hear is the wildest ride in the Wilderness!" Those are the words you hear as you start your journey on this runaway mine railroad on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!  You will twist, turn, and dip all around the gorgeous mountain, reaching speeds of 36 mph (which sounds slow, but with the sudden dips and sharp turns, you'll be happy it doesn't go any faster!).  There are three different lift hills on this attraction as well with "living" landscape and moving rocks!

The below YouTube video is a "full experience" video of Big Thunder Mountain which show's you what it's like to wait in the Queue of the ride as well as an on-ride POV video!  This video was filmed when COVID rules were in full effect at the Magic Kingdom Park! 

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