5 Platforms that Pay You in Crypto for Your Writing - Discover a New Way to Earn Money!

By isciuc | Wally | 7 Mar 2023


In the age of the gig economy, many people are turning to side hustles to supplement their income. For writers, this has traditionally meant freelancing for magazines, blogs, and websites. However, a new wave of platforms is emerging that allows writers to earn cryptocurrency for their articles. These platforms offer cryptocurrency payments and rewards for content creators.

Here are some popular platforms that allow writers to earn cryptocurrency:

  • Steemit: Users can earn STEEM cryptocurrency for creating articles, upvoting content, and commenting on posts. The amount of cryptocurrency a user earns depends on the popularity of their articles. The more upvotes and comments an article receives, the more cryptocurrency the user earns.
  • Publish0x: Allows writers to earn cryptocurrency for their articles, and readers can also earn cryptocurrency by reading and engaging with articles. The amount of cryptocurrency a writer earns depends on the engagement their article receives from readers.
  • Hive: Rewards users with HIVE cryptocurrency for creating and curating content. Users can earn HIVE by creating articles, upvoting content, and commenting on posts.
  • Vocal Media: Allows writers to earn BAT (Basic Attention Token) cryptocurrency for their content. BAT is a token used to reward users for their attention and engagement with content. The more engagement an article receives, the more BAT the writer earns.
  • Minds: Allows users to earn tokens by creating content, commenting on posts, and engaging with the community. Users can earn tokens by creating articles, upvoting content, and commenting on posts.

These platforms offer writers a new way to earn income from their articles. However, the payment and reward systems can be complex and require some familiarity with cryptocurrency. It's important to note that cryptocurrency payments and rewards can be volatile, and the value of cryptocurrency can fluctuate rapidly.

Despite the complexity of the payment and reward systems, these platforms offer writers a unique opportunity to earn income from their articles. With the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, it will be interesting to see how these platforms develop and how they will impact the freelance writing industry

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