Crop rotation at the time of DEFI and FARM

By Robertoit | Wallet and cryptocoin | 11 Nov 2020

For about ten days at the beginning of each publish0x page there is a colored space with an inscription that invites you to participate in a writing contest.
Seeing her continuously, I am convinced, I write a few lines and participate in the contest. What could happen? I might not win, it's not a problem, I might bore some of you, I hope it doesn't, I could go off topic, but even in this case it was nice to try.
The contest asks to talk about FARM and DEFI in a nice way, to tell something related to this world, perhaps with previous experiences.
So I decided to go back to school and see what good memories I have on this subject. One of the topics that has always fascinated me is crop rotation in agriculture.

Crop rotation consists in alternating the cultivation of different vegetables and crops in the same piece of land. Farmers did rotational cycles, which in some cases lasted up to ten years. With this activity the negative consequences of monoculture were avoided: soil depletion, proliferation of parasites, development of weeds and so on. Growing the same vegetable in the same land can determine one of the most negative aspects of conventional agriculture. The same strategy should be used in home gardens.

The most suitable for small family gardens is the one based on the different nutritional needs of the individual vegetables, divided into this purpose in three large groups: heavy consumers, ie plants that need a soil very rich in organic matter and mineral elements; medium consumers, that is the plants that need a medium rich in nutrients soil; weak consumers, or essentially leguminous plants which, being able to fix atmospheric nitrogen, need few nutrients and indeed enrich the soil with organic and mineral substances.


What does all this have to do with FARM, DEFI and

  • Surely the name and the environment are in common: FARM.
  • The tokens that are deposited on this protocol are automatically turned over to other yield farming projects, in exchange you receive fAsset and consequently a share of the earnings that is proportional to the revenue recorded. This means that sowing yields results.
  • The investment of your capital must have a rotation and this protocol offers to do it for you by automatically leaning on other yield farming systems



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Wallet and cryptocoin
Wallet and cryptocoin

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