Bitcoin 18x - why is the whole world increasingly interested in Bitcoin?
Bitcoin 18x - why is the whole world increasingly interested in Bitcoin?

By CryptoManiaC | **Walkman** | 12 Jun 2019

If you're reading this article, some of you are probably saying, "Why on earth is it still about Bitcoin? After all, in the public media, it is said that it is just a bubble and has no real value, but just a virtual one.."

I would like to tell you all now, to all those who doubted the future of this currency two years ago, that since 2015 its price has risen about 18 times. Are you angry, at least a little? That was the purpose, but if you're not one of the lucky ones who had a few Bitcoins saved at the time, don't worry! We go on and believe that this was just the beginning of what Bitcoin and its associated modern finance industry will achieve in the near future.


But how is this modern and independent finance in the Czech Republic?

Very good and on the constant rise. The proof of this is the absolutely unrivaled Czech-Slovak service, which is celebrating its second anniversary since its entry into the Czech and Slovak markets in November this year. For those who do not know this great service, they can register for free and take advantage of all the benefits the service offers.


Everyone can simply register and continue through the service orientation help and other steps..



This service proves more and more every day that there is a chance for a better and more dignified life. Not only because users who have been registered since November 2015 and bought Bitcoins are now modern millionaires, but also because the service also offers a crown account where everyone can invest in so-called investment layers where their finances are appreciated by really interesting monthly percentages. Don't you believe? Try it. You can invest from as little as 5 USD by bank transfer.




But the service does not only offer investment options and a classic wallet, but even offers independent news, a media database with films and documents, quizzes, custom cryptocurrency, a member bazaar with all e-shops where you can buy and sell goods for Bitcoin, possibility to cooperate on various projects with paycheck in Bitcoins, which you can choose to your bank account, cash or invest. The same is true of the money you already have in your wallet or investment layers.




Also interesting is the prospect for the near future, where Arbolet is also planning its own credit card, with which you can pay in shops or withdraw from an ATM. (More in the video at the beginning).

Do you find it excessive? But no! We were just kept in a kind of uninformed cube that was covered with a lid for too long.

Finally, someone got upset and grabbed justice and independence into their own hands, so we must say one thing for all current users: They do it damn well!




Nothing yet?

If it is not yet happening, it is a revolution, freedom and protest against the current system, which does nothing for people and thinks of themselves and their wallets. Indeed, creates its own microeconomic system, which you believe or not, has nowhere else in the world, as banks and the state will not need it for the future. There is no one here and you have complete freedom without any restrictions. Let's call it complete independence with a healthy hint of anarchy.


Already? Great!

I want to thank those who need this information to calculate "2 + 2" and make themselves both educated and support this incredibly brilliant idea by signing up for Arbolt to start taking advantage of the service. Registration is completely free and you only need to email and password!


Finally, a few lines to think about ...

I have a bad news for you for some pathological doubters. "They" will never tell you this, as Bitcoin is something of a goose bump for even the most corrupt politicians, for the time being the reigning banking system coupled with huge profits for the so-called "papal", which is not much talked about for security reasons and is, of course, a threat even for many other institutions and influential people, for whom the word Bitcoin is literally a tough nightmare. Even your media (they) are paid by these entities so that people simply do not have the chance to receive free and independent information, especially from the world, as home news unfortunately does not have much to offer and is still in the same circle. a lot of variables so that it is not exactly the same thing again, like a year ago, a month ago, and of course tomorrow.




Why do I say it all but?

To understand this, the whole world unfortunately suffers more and more disinformation about what is happening behind the wall. In other words, we believe in advertising and commercial media more than our own feelings, reason and heart.

"All this will last, however, as long as your life situation does not open your eyes to the doubters until Bitcoin is back at several times its current price and until you feel that the word" privacy "is a thing of the past, because those" powerful " they will have power for as long as you volunteer their lives. "




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