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Walker's Path Chapter 14 Violation

9 Oct 2021 25 minute read 0 comments KatherinesBrain

“Holy—” I said. Joy continued, “Shit.” What are the chances— “Language, ladies!” Heather scolded us. Being called a lady for the first time in my life was odd. But at this point, I didn't even think about it because Jesse sighted me. “Kennedi!” he...

Walker's Path Chapter 13 Reflections

25 Sep 2021 18 minute read 0 comments KatherinesBrain

I trailed behind Joy as she walked us back to the table. Everyone except Jesse was there. Believe me, I was happy about that, but there was still a part of me that wanted to see him. I shoved those feelings down. Besides, there were enough things o...

Walker's Path Chapter 12 Mad Dash

4 Sep 2021 19 minute read 0 comments KatherinesBrain

As much as having powers like being invisible would be amazing—especially in the girl’s locker room—it was like all super abilities, imaginary. When my mind drifted into the invisibility scenario it kept jumping back to last night. Seeing the girls...

Walker's Path Chapter 11 The Rear View

21 Aug 2021 12 minute read 0 comments KatherinesBrain

I slipped into the bench seat with Gina and Joy. It was at the very back of the van. The middle had two bucket seats similar to what you would see in the front of a car. Joy was sat in the center seat next to me even though Gina was smaller. When J...

Walker's Path Chapter 10 Tough Morning

26 Jun 2021 30 minute read 0 comments KatherinesBrain

  Someone was being really loud but I couldn’t understand what they were saying. I buried my head under my pillow and hoped they would go away. Then something moved on my bed. I jumped up and scooted away from whatever was in bed with me. When I fel...

Walker's Path Intermission One

12 Jun 2021 5 minute read 0 comments KatherinesBrain

  Victor Hernandez slumped in the seat of his friend's station wagon. Steve, Rich, Johnny, and Nick were doing the same. Not because they were hiding but because they were dead tired. “Where the hell is he?” Johnny asked. He was getting impatient. V...

Writing Walker's Path.

6 Jun 2021 1 minute read 0 comments KatherinesBrain

Hello out there, I'm the author of Walker's Path and I wanted to apologize. I just noticed that there were several chapters that didn't link to the next story. This is all fixed now and I pledge to keep the links updated from now on. I figured that m...

Walker's Path Chapter 9 Late Night Snack

6 Jun 2021 13 minute read 0 comments KatherinesBrain

  The only thing I could think to do was to keep calling but I was having a hard time concentrating because the girls kept distracting me. A part of my mind was tugging at me saying, You're about to sleep with four girls! The combination of the two...

Walker's Path Chapter 8 Not so Fast

23 May 2021 14 minute read 0 comments KatherinesBrain

  Everything happened in a blur. Joy grabbed my t-shirt to help pull it off. I was pretty sure it was stuck but I wiggled and it came loose. My pants being baggy didn’t have any problem slipping off. When it came to taking off my underwear I only he...

Walker's Path Chapter 7 Time to Go

29 Apr 2021 14 minute read 0 comments KatherinesBrain

  Holding out on information didn’t work the first time and I didn’t know why I thought it would work again. The girls were staring at me. Gina poked me in the stomach. “You really thought you were going to have sex tonight?” She and Lacy had my arm...