Montana Goes Left, Sewage on The Slopes

By Walk In Verse | Walk In Verse | 7 Mar 2022

Wokeness hits Montana slopes with Bill Gates in the shadows. The goal, turn sewage into snow in the name of climate change for the rich to ski. But they have a little hidden fact. It's only safe as long as the monitors work. When you wipeout in the manufactured powder, you might consume a mouthful of fecal matter.

But with the backing of the Yellowstone Club, the Gallatin River Task Force, the Association of Gallatin Agricultural Irrigators, and Trout Unlimited, the environment should have no issue.

I wish it were true. No standards exist to monitor this type of transformation. When they change human waste into snow, they have no clue the kind of damage the pollutants can bring.

A 2017 study on wastewater treatment revealed how half of the toxic compounds remained. It also stated how the chemicals left can affect the human reproductive systems. The main issue faced today; modern treatment facilities can't handle these compounds.

"Modern wastewater treatment plants mostly reduce solids and bacteria by oxidizing the water. They were not designed to deal with complex chemical compounds," — Birguy Lamizana-Diallo, program management officer at the United Nations Environment Program and an expert on wastewater treatment.

When Arizona tried the snow-making technique, lawsuits sparked. In one suit, the Center for Biological Diversity raised concerns. They were unclear if the treated sewage water would destroy local aquatic populations. Another uncertainty, they don't know how it'll affect male fish. Could they still reproduce, and would they take on female characteristics?

But in Montana, with these issues at hand, it doesn't matter. Five hundred thousand gallons of beautiful white sewage called snow awaits—two pristine two acres covered in human waste 18 inches deep. And the run-off, right into the rivers.

For Montana, there's no need for cannabis. They'll soon have sewage and pharmaceuticals in their waterways. It's time to party hard and let the state go to hell in a handbasket. Or, if the politicians won't, the people need to stand together and end this. Banish all individuals who push these insane agendas from the state for life. And they can start with Bill Gates and the wealthy elite of the Yellowstone Club.

This nonsense has no place in Montana.


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Walk In Verse
Walk In Verse

Independent journalist sharing bites of truth one story at a time.

Walk In Verse
Walk In Verse

Independent journalist sharing bits of truth one story at a time.

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