How much can you feasibly earn with Cointiply?

How much can you feasibly earn with Cointiply?

By HKMan | HK Blog | 5 Sep 2021

I started using Cointiply just over half a year ago. My experience started with a bit of a rough start,  I ended up burning myself out very quickly by doing way too many surveys and stuck mostly to the easier earning opportunity since then. Last month though I decided to change that and try my hand at surveys once again, this time I hoped to avoid burnout and make it a more regular thing to see how much I could feasibly and comfortably earn through Cointiply. 

So at the end of July I withdrew all my coins and started earning as much as I could without overdoing it. I set aside some time each day where I had nothing better to do, usually around two hours to do surveys while listening to music. I'd occasionally also do a few surveys outside of that time window if the opportunity arose. The music and the set time frame helped a lot in regards to avoiding burnout and I was able to do at least a few surveys nearly every day. There were a few days where I didn't really feel like it and while I could have forced myself to go ahead anyway I decided that skipping a day or two can't hurt as long as I keep myself motivated in the long term. 

So let's take a look at how much I was able to earn over the month of August.


All in all I earned 279.025 Coins i.e. 27.90$ and/or 0.15511391 LTC which would be worth~33$ at the time of writing. Averaging that out I earned 90 cents a day in Coins and just over 1$ a day in LTC. Of course the latter isn't exactly a useful metric to determine how much you can earn as you may get unlucky and have the exact opposite happen. 

Overall not too bad. Nearly 1$ a day for what I consider to be not a lot of effort. I imagine that you could earn a few dollars a day by putting in more time but I can't imagine actually putting in much more time without burning myself out again.

If all of that sounds good to you and you don't have a Cointiply account yet you could sign up using my referral code by clicking here.

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