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By Votrongnguyen | Votrongnguyen | 19 Jun 2020

For two months Vietnam has not had any more COVID-19 infections in the community. Our country has successfully controlled the pandemic raging on a global scale. In Vietnam there are currently only 342 people infected, 0 deaths. Vietnam is being talked about by the world as a miracle in pandemic prevention.


Health status BN91 is a British pilot who continues to make good changes, has learned to walk, has good oral communication, increased appetite. The hospital fee for treatment of patients at the HCM City Tropical Diseases Hospital (March 18 - May 22) is covered by insurance.

The Ministry of Health updates the COVID-19 epidemic situation at 9am daily.

As of 9am on June 19, 2020, according to's statistics:

* World: 8,595,075 people were infected; 456,650 people died.

- 215 countries and territories recorded cases of COVID-19.

- Vietnam ranks 6th in 11 countries with probable cases in Southeast Asia.

* Vietnam: 342 cases of COVID-19, no deaths.

8,595,075 ARE INFECTED
3,591,820 SMOKE
4.546.605 DEATHLY


- Number of recovering cases: 325

- 17 cases are being treated.

1. From 19/4 up to now: 64 days in Vietnam have no cases of infection in the community.

2. Number of recovering cases in the day: 0

3. Number of deaths: 0

4. Number of cases progressing well:

- Number of first negative cases with SARS-CoV-2: ca.

- Number of negative cases 2 or more with SARS-CoV-2: 5ca.

5. Number of severe cases: 01

6. Number of detected cases in the community: 140, of which:

- 34 cases of foreign intrusion detected in the community;

- 28 cases of infection from intrusions have been detected in the community;

- 78 cases of infection in the community.


To date, the total number of COVID-19 cases cured in our country is 323/334 patients, accounting for 96.7% of all COVID-19 patients in Vietnam, of which 49/50 patients are nationally outside Vietnam has been cured. Currently, only 91 patients in the country are British pilots being treated at Cho Ray Hospital.

The remaining 11 COVID-19 patients in our country are being treated at 6 medical facilities, of which at Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases 2 there are many patients with 3 cases, most of whom are in good health. specified.

The situation of COVID-19 disease in the world is unpredictable, especially the neighboring country of Vietnam and China. After nearly 2 months, there have been no new cases in the community, and in the past few days, China has detected dozens of cases of infection in the community, causing many areas to be sealed back, some termite oil markets. Closing, many schools continue to keep students away from school socially spaced ....

Under the direction of the Government, in the coming time, the country continues to enter a new stage of development. Specifically, continue to prevent and prevent the risk of disease outbreaks from outside, strictly control entry activities on the border roads by sea, by air and by air, absolutely not subjective and neglect. was; apply appropriate isolation measures to people on entry, so as not to spread epidemics to the community.
Building Vietnam is a safe destination of the world, not only for the purposes of economic development but also for the political and foreign objectives of the country, especially with important partners and nations. Gia has well controlled disease.

To create favorable conditions and implement a humane way of entry of experts, business managers, high-tech workers, and Vietnamese citizens, but must ensure that the source of the disease does not invade or infect Vietnam. Male.

Implement well the social security, pay attention to ensuring employment, support for the poor, do not leave any people hungry, broken meals, "do not leave anyone behind".

Up to now, 91 patients have undergone 89 days of treatment (currently the COVID-19 patient has the longest number of treatment days in our country), in which the course of treatment at the City Hospital for Tropical Diseases. Ho Chi Minh City starts from March 18 to May 22; at the Department of Active Resuscitation - Cho Ray Hospital from late afternoon on 22/5 until now. Patients have been discontinued from dialysis on 27/5, stopped ECMO from the morning of 3/6, stopped mechanical ventilation since the morning of 12/6.

Preliminary assessment of the health status of the current 91 patient: The patient had mechanical ventilation for 3 days. Respiratory muscle strength improved. After successful ventilator withdrawal, the patient had his cannula drawn open his trachea, now breathing with 2 liters of oxygen per minute through nasal cannula, breathing slower. Coughing up a strong cough, he has been able to breathe for 3 days now.

The patient is awake, good contact, 2-hand muscle strength is gradually recovering to near normal level, 2-leg muscle strength improves 4/5. The current patient is able to communicate well with words, coughing and coughing on his own.

Gastrointestinal feeding patients tolerated, can feed via gastrointestinal tract 1450 ml of ground soup and milk / day. Renal function has been restored, cardiac function, liver and pancreatic enzymes are normal.

The patient has stopped all antibiotics, only antifungal drugs, analgesic, anticoagulant prophylaxis of oral xarelto. Currently the patient continues to receive physical therapy twice. Adjust electrolyte rehydration and care for the stubborn ulcer.

Despite these developments, the Treatment Sub-Committee also said that male pilots still need weeks to recover in response to physical exertion and motor function, while recovering from possible episodes. new coincidence.


The National Steering Committee for COVID-19 prevention and control proposed that people take measures to prevent and control COVID-19 in the new situation, continue to carry out disease prevention measures under the direction of the Prime Minister. covered with the "double duty", both economic development and prevention of COVID-19 epidemic.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends continuing to carry out 6 measures of protection against COVID-19:

- Hand hygiene

- Cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing

-Do not touch your face without washing your hands

- Limited to enclosed spaces or crowded places.

-Keep minimum distance of 1m

- Regularly clean and sanitize objects or surfaces that are touched

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