Never Say Goodbye

By The Von Himself | vons poetry corner | 31 Mar 2021

Never can say goodbye to the venomous lifestyle

Reeking havoc for fun, whilst I cut it up knife style

My style?, goodbye, go sleep and then you'll reach to heaven

Then its another day of smoking a cigar with the devil

There's no one to test me, for there is no one on my level

If was life was like a comic book, I would be a villain

Doing outrageous deeds with any feelings, you feel me?

Villainy at its best, trying to stay alive like the Gibbs

Keep my heart beating underneath the ribs

Massacre the competition

That is our mission

I will never give up the game no matter how I try

Misery will die

So villainy comes in everyday, so joyous, so bold not shy

So I will never

Sometimes, I see god in my visions

Telling me to change my lifestyle and go to church

But the villainy is getting worse

Even so no matter how I try

I will never never never give the game

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The Von Himself
The Von Himself

A poet himself, delivering poetry from the soul himself

vons poetry corner
vons poetry corner

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