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By IngoBreuer | VoiceOfFaith | 2 Apr 2021

An open letter to President Donald J. Trump on the occasion of his new website at

Dear Mr.  Donald Trump:

It is a great delight to see your new website online. While Big Tech keeps censoring and canceling, let’s bring back great moments like your speech in Warsaw and many more great moments.

I have organized the @GermansForTrump page on twitter with conservative, Christian, constitutionalist messages geared to my fellow German people. I am a German who fully supported your administration. I lived in the state of Tennessee for 9 years, preached the gospel in Baptist churches in the South, and I worked in an American factory making packaging products. Today I work in the corrugated packaging industry in Germany. I take special pride in everything “Made in the USA” from SAS Shoes to Texas Jeans or F-150 trucks. This love for America has come because as a teenager I listened a lot to the American Forces Network in Germany. I enjoyed their country music, Rush Limbaugh and James Dobson. Later I found Christian shortwave radio from Nashville, TN. After I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior I began studying the King James Bible. I always wanted to ask you if the Bible on your Oval Office desk that came miraculously from the West Hebrides revival in the early 20th century is a King James Bible. Was that a King James Bible that you held forth after the leftist riots in front of a Washington DC church? The King James Bible was so instrumental in the founding period of the US as well as in world missions and the 19th century revivals in the US. We need the Bible so much. We need to study and pray and follow the Lord in everything. We don’t have to rely on our own understanding alone because that is flawed and subject to error. The divine revelation straightens out the mess.

Thank you for advancing religious freedom, freedom of conscience and the right to life. I am proud that your administration under Secretary of State Mike Pompeo created the Geneva Consensus Declaration. I have been promoting that to European and German leaders quite heavily. They have it in their inbox and in their mailbox with my request to sign it ASAP.

Thank you for getting out of the Parise climate deal. What a bad deal: solar panels from China are now installed in Germany by low-wage temporary migrants from Bulgaria. That is a scandal! It surely is a job-killing mess. The Europeans are being fed baloney by their government-sponsored media. Only a few have woke up yet.

I apologize for the cold treatment you received from Germans like chancellor Merkel or European would-be “president” von der Leyen. I don’t agree with leftists elites here at all.

Thank you for facing up to China and its oppression of Hong Kong and sinister business practices geared at world domination and extinction of freedom. How sad to see that European leaders were too weak-kneed to co-operate with you. I have e-mailed/written/called them nonstop for the last 4 years and asked them to cooperate with you on China issues. The trade tariffs were the right thing to do! You provided some great leadership.

I pretty much agree with all of your policies. Only thing where I disagree with you is Spangdahlem Air Base. I would bring back a squadron of A-10 Warthog tank-busting planes that used to be stationed there. Wonderful plane! I used to see their low altitude maneuverings all throughout my teenage years over northern Eifel. What an amazing sight! And I would open up AFN again in Frankfurt with plenty of classic American country music and conservative talk back on the German airwaves and Christian music on Sundays. In 1994 I had the pleasure to visit the AFN studio in Frankfurt, Germany and announce a few songs on the air. It was a wonderful experience. This is greatly missed!

Keep on going. One American from Pleasant Shade, Tennessee had a “coffee table book” on their living room table entitled “The Rebirth Of America” from 1986 by Nancy DeMoss. I saw that book on my first trip to the USA exactly 23 years ago. That book impressed me and shaped my thinking about America. Along with Congressman Larry McDonald’s great book on the US Constitution: “We Hold These Truths”. Those are the actions plans to make America great and good again. I am a great admirer of Congressman McDonald, the staunch anticommunist, from Georgia who was aboard flight KAL007 shot down by the Soviets. Mr. Putin ought to know the details of the potential survivors and where the Soviets conceal the wreckage that they quickly removed from the scene. Please find attached my letter to Mr. Putin with regards to the Soviet massacre of flight KAL007 that killed or captured 269 passengers including one American Congressman. The late Sen. Jesse Helms barely survived because he was booked on a parallel flight back in 1983.

I enjoyed seeing the Trump Towers in New York and in Manila, Philippines. I was in Manila at a hotel and was wondering what that beautiful glass-faced tower nearby was. As I looked up I saw your name on it. It is very impressive. My wife and I walked to the little St. Andrews Catholic church down the road in Makati as we passed by the Makati Trump Tower.

Thank you for your great service to the United States.


Yours in Christ,

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