Groundbreaking technology for textile thread coloring - I need your hints and contacts

Hey people :) 

Here is an interesting case regarding green tech and innovation. 

The Swedish company Coloreel has developed a groundbreaking technology for textile thread coloring. The company's first thread coloring product targets the industrial embroidery sector, streamlining and enhancing its efficiency. Notably, it eliminates the need for a large amount of different solid-colored thread reels. Instead, a single 100% recycled white thread is instantly colored during the ongoing embroidery production. This process, in addition to being highly efficient, also drastically reduces the environmental impact. For instance, water consumption is reduced by 97%.

Coloreel's proprietary hardware and software are compatible with the world’s existing 7-8 million embroidery machines. This means that the solution works in conjunction with clients' existing infrastructure. Target audiences include brand owners, manufacturers, and designers. Currently, Coloreel has around 80 clients across the USA, Europe, and Asia. Among these are some of the world's most renowned brands. The business model revolves around selling thread coloring units and consumables, primarily thread and ink.

This year, the Coloreel Group anticipates a turnover of just over 55 MSEK (around 5 million EUR) and foresees significant future growth. Industrial embroidery is the company's primary market today, and in the long run, the technology can also be applied to industrial machines for sewing, knitting, weaving, and more. The company has strong intellectual property protection, with over 100 approved patents, which will more than double in a few years.

In the ongoing new share issue, Coloreel is raising 120 MSEK. 80 MSEK is guaranteed by existing shareholders, with the remaining 40 MSEK now available for new investors. Notable names on the existing shareholder list include Marcus Wallenberg, both privately and via SEB, Swedbank Robur’s New Technology fund, and Lennart Ågren through Svea Ekonomi. All are contributing either their pro-rata or more in this share emission. 

This YouTube video illustrates how the solution works in the industry.

Please get back to me if this might be of interest to you, and I will facilitate contact with the company's founder, Joakim Staberg.


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