By Vladimir IM | Vlad Free Crypto | 9 Feb 2021


We are going to talk about a new page that started up today and that allows us to earn BTC satoshis.

Refer to ContyAds that has been promoted for several days on the networks.


Well like all pages the first thing we must do is Register, for this I leave the link of the page in case you want to use it. It will send you an account confirmation email.


Once inside, we see that it has many tools for those who want to publish ads on other pages and others. But , we are interested in how to earn those free satoshis daily and for this we will go to the Earnings option in the menu.

Within this option we will have several ways to earn, the first will be by doing the PTC, then we have the Banners Ads and Video Ads. The VIP ads option, until now has no option to win satoshis.


Tip: If in the PTC ADS you see that the time does not advance, go to another page and come back, you can still try clicking on the time bar.

On the first day we have earned 30 BTC satoshis, which is not a bad thing if we consider that it has not taken us more than 5 minutes to work the page.
In Dashboard, we will see our earnings reflected, as well as we can make withdrawals of our earnings.

To finish, It has 4 options to make withdrawals, PAYEER, PERFECT MONEY, B-CASH and LITECOIN.



We hope that you start working on this page, and that as always you can generate more cryptocurrencies.

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