Firefaucet, Win or Win

By Vladimir IM | Vlad Free Crypto | 11 Feb 2021

Well, today we will talk about a page that cannot be missing in our daily claims if we want to increase our performance by obtaining free cryptocurrencies, we refer to Firefaucet.

It is possible that many know this page, but they should not stop reading the article, since we will give you some strategies to work it in a faster way and thus be able to dedicate time to other pages also daily.

As always, the first thing we must do is register on the site, for which I leave the link at the end of the post.

Once we are in the dashboard we will have several ways to start making profits. It is valid to clarify that for each faucet claim, shortlinks and offers that we make, we will be awarded with ACP (Auto claims points) which we can use in various ways.


1. How to earn ACP:

- Daily bonus.


- Faucet




- Shortlinks


- Surveys

- Offerwalls

2. How we can use the ACP earned:

- We can use them for Autoclaims the cryptos we want.

- We can accumulate them and then convert them into the crypto that we want.


3. What I like most about the page:

- It has an Exchange in which we can convert all our cryptos to the desired one at the same time.


- Level system in which for each level we pass they will give us a BTC satoshis prize.


4. Our strategies:

- Claim the daily bonus, then faucet, PTC and finally the shortlinks.

- If you are going to use autoclaims and you have few ACPs, mark the cryptocurrencies that have the lowest value.

- If you are going to accumulate ACPs to convert them directly to a cryptocurrency, wait until the value of the cryptocurrency is low and thus they will give you more in the conversion.

- You can use the Exchange to sell and buy your earned crypto. (In my case when the BTC is low, I exchange all of them to BTC, and when its value rises I return to USDT).

- Do not stop doing the shortlinks, because with them you level up very quickly and we can claim the satoshis prizes.

- To make the shortlinks, use our recommended Universal Bypass extension in Chrome, I also leave the link.

Firefaucet Link:

Bypass Unviversal:

Well, it only remains to wish you the best on this page, and if you want me to write about a specific one, you can leave me the name in the comments.

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