Racing guide TOP Ola City earn 500 $ - 10000 $ easily.

By Lềm Thị Phiến | An an | 8 Dec 2020

Hello all of you

Welcome back to my post in this post I will share with you a pretty interesting topic.
This theme will give you the chance to get $ 500 for free and believe it?

To answer the above question, please see this article. It won't be worth your time. See and follow step-by-step instructions to DON'T Miss an OPPORTUNITY.

Yes, If you have seen my previous post you probably already know about the OlaCity project.

Olacity is a platform where users can make money from: downloading apps, watching ads, .... (If you are new and do not know anything about the OlaCity project, I recommend you to review the article. write by me so you can understand better).

Recently, the city of Ola has kicked off "the top race program to welcome the new year 2021". With a total prize value of up to "169,000 USD with more than 300 gifts (and more than 290 prizes worth 500 USD). 

So how to race Top and get rewarded with OlaCity,

If you do not have an OlaCity account, you can register 👉 HERE

1 must understand the rules of the game:

Time to join the program:

From 00:00 on November 15, 2020 to 24h00 on December 31, 2020.

Bonus consideration criteria:

The reward points are calculated based on your personal income and the number of members you refer directly by qualifying (F1 qualifying), specifically as follows:

Personal Income TOP ranking score is calculated based on your total personal income.
Eligible TOP F1 ranking score is calculated based on the Total Membership created by you (income)
TOP LEADER (TOP TOP) = (TOP personal income + TOP F1 qualified) / 2



(TOP Personal Income + Eligible F1): 2 = TOP LEADER

The lower the LEADING LEADER, the higher you stand.

👉 Please read the rules carefully for your chance to reach TOP.


3 You must believe that "I WILL WIN"



4 You must have a STRATEGY

Prioritize doing tasks to earn a lot of money
Find out what people who are standing TOP 1,2,3 what did they do to make them stand on the top like that ???

If you read this article, you still don't know how to do it, please contact me on 👉 FACEBOOK 👈để to be supported.

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