Call for Vite Techies

By Vite Labs | Vite Labs | 14 Sep 2020

Want to build something cool on the Vite public chain? Want to discuss and study Vite’s tech in real projects used by thousands? Want to meet Vite’s core developers? Want to explore Vite 2.0 with the team? This is the opportunity that you should never miss out.

We humbly call for community developers to work with the Vite dev team. You will have the chance to participate in all aspects of development in the Vite ecosystem, including the Vite public chain, wallets, ViteX exchange, SDKs, tools, and more.

We are looking for

  1. Core members, having insights into the blockchain industry and in-depth technical knowledge of blockchain projects and the trend. Core members will attend the discussion of Vite’s tech prioritization, feature enhancements, protocol upgrade, new technology adoption, and complete prototype design/development as per the discussion.
  2. Key developers, working closely with the Vite dev team to finish the development of new requirements and tasks. The key developers should have strong technical skills and responsibilities to complete the development on schedule.
  3. Solid contributors, willing to contribute to the long-term benefit of Vite, and having sufficient time to work on the assigned task for a period.

You will be eligible if you are

  1. Seasoned blockchain developer.
  2. Skilled in software development. Blockchain development experience e.g. Solidity, web3, browser extension wallet like MetaMask is a plus.
  3. Proficient in at least one of the following languages or frameworks: Go, Java, Python, Javascript/Typescript, Node.js, Vue, Solidity. Knowledge in C/C++, Swift, Android, encryption algorithms is a plus.

Kindly note this is NOT a paid task or a campaign. A Vite techie shall be awarded for the high-quality work, but in principle we do not make a commitment for rewards or payment a priori.

You are not a Vite Techie if you are

  1. Looking for a job, including a part-time job.
  2. Bounty hunter.
  3. Non-technical.

Join us, and let’s create something cool!

In the meantime, Vite will soon launch Vite Techie Forum, an event regularly held online for everyone interested in the tech aspect of Vite. You are welcome to participate and share your thoughts! Please pay attention to our following announcements.

Join and shoot a message to the admin to be involved!


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Vite Labs

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Vite Labs
Vite Labs

Vite is a feeless, high-performance public chain and the first to implement DAG-based smart contract capabilities. The original asynchronous architecture, hierarchical consensus & snapshot chain technology make Vite an industry-leader in terms of performance and commercial-level application support. To date, Vite has deployed practical applications on its platform, with products including a decentralized exchange, a public financing dApp for the City of Syracuse, on-chain games, & micropayment platforms.

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