Vitaly Tennant Contributes Insights on Brand and VITALIZE Networks

Vitaly Tennant Contributes Insights on Brand and VITALIZE Networks

By | VitalyTennant | 17 Sep 2023

Vitaly Tennant Contributes Insights on Brand and VITALIZE Networks

Vitaly Tennant was enhancing his path into the world of entrepreneurship early in his career. Stemming from an international background of being born in Europe, and living in Central Asia, Vitaly moved to the United States in elementary school. Creating an e-commerce website in middle school, and then a website at his high school curriculum class that was used beneficially after he graduated. Then working at numerous internships from a technical university Vitaly was able to work in multiple fields of study when it came to computer information systems. “Although no amount of education or schooling can replace the ambition of learning and exploring the unknown by self-ambition and self-inspiration with enthusiasm of smart and hard work.” Vitaly states.

Facing hurdles and setbacks is something that exists in life, Vitaly continues with his dialogue notating that entrepreneurs replace “can’t” with “how” and the mindset is important. Among many failures, it can be noted that those who continue to get up after being knocked down become more successful.

Vitaly Tennant Contributes Insights on Brand and VITALIZE Networks brand began 17+ years ago, emerging from his business which catered to clients in many niches. With his earlier businesses and affiliations, Vitaly was able to bring life into brands with search engine optimization, web development, and social media marketing to name a few. Now, carries a tagline “an informative business website, with a hint of entrepreneurship.” Which the about section says “The categories / niches / topics include: software, crypto, finance, technologies, space, metaverses, research, self improvement, nature, futurism, sciences, blockchains, arts, spirituality, astrophysics, daos, web, economics, nfts, and surprisingly hypothesized multiverses. Did we leave anything out? We hope not. It’s a large volume of information. content arrives from many accredited sources, resources, of contributing content creators, and authors.”

VITALIZE is an ecosystem of many niches, including communities and networks that it interacts with. “I remember when I had a blog back in 2009 where every Friday I would release ‘one liners’ or sometimes I would call them ‘1 liners’ and the entire blog ended up gaining over 480,000 unique hits, and back then there were no fan pages like there are now, so I used ‘Vitalize’ for first name and ‘One’ for last name fields.” Vitaly says.

Being entrepreneurially inclined, Vitaly was always networking, and his networking abilities landed him an opportunity to be in scope of operations by marketing Richard Branson’s Bash that happened in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in 2011. With many entrepreneurs in attendance, Vitaly was able to meet space enthusiasts in their respective accolades, which piqued his interests even further.

Among networking, network marketing is an area with over 170 million distributors worldwide, and accounts for over 210 Billion USD sales worldwide annually. With many remarkable companies, Vitaly entered top ranks within a few companies that can be reflected upon in one of his summarized content articles called “For Lifestyle. Success. Leadership. You Don’t Need to Know Everything” where he shares his views on network marketing and what it takes to work from home, and even remotely.

VITALIZE caters to the people who are continually growing, and looking to achieve continuous success. “It’s not really the most powerful, strongest, or the fittest who survive, that may have been true back in the day, although realistically, it’s those who are the most adaptable survive, adaptability is key, and now it’s becoming more understood.” Vitaly communicates.

In the VITALIZE context it says of the ecosystem “Tangible and intangible services and products. Services and products for healthy and wealthy life; including digital, enhancements of blockchains, cryptocurrencies, daos, nfts, defi, fintech, metaverses, and web3 alike.”

Vitaly continues to mention “I’ve been in the health and wellness industry for over a decade, marketing and selling products such as ganoderma which extracts from reishi mushrooms, and marine phytoplankton which came in a form of solar strips, and I plan to utilize the knowledge of supplements, and work along with the alignment of people who do the same to bring valuable products, including services via the VITALIZE brand.”

Entrepreneurship is great, in fact, it’s the backbone to all business life. Although the term gets tossed around so loosely to the point that everyone thinks that they are truly an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurial mindset is great, and most people strive to possess it, respectfully and rightfully so. Let’s understand the fact that entrepreneurs create jobs, work, and opportunities.

In business Vitaly goes on to say “I’ve broken it down to three things that most people want, we all want more health, more time, and more money… to do the things we love and enjoy. Of course, there are more factors that can be involved, as in more love, more feelings and so forth, but it really comes to the basics. There is value in a person who can unconfuse a person. With partnerships, the communicative point is to learn about them, so then you can earn based on what you have learned. Take the time to listen to their story, their needs and wants, so then you can correlate your opportunity into their life.” 

Lifestyle compromises and composes many aspects of fulfillment for each life. Which includes having more of these three assets. Health, time, and money. Health is for all who cherish it. Our body is an avatar that we get to use only once as we know it, comprehending this is a must. Time, we all share this most expensive currency. There is only one, and we only have 24 units of it in a day. What we do with our time defines everything. Remember, a lost ounce of gold may be found, but a lost moment of time, never. Money, simply put, is a tool. The more of it we have, the more we can accomplish. Just like any tool, it can be put to good use or vice versa.

As you talk to more people, you’ll get a sense of what they are looking for, and then you are able to communicate with precision. Remember, your time is valuable, and you have to convey your leadership and opportunity that you’re offering as something lucrative that everyone needs in their life. And when you have something as good as you have to share with others, because you know everyone needs it, you don’t have time to drag on pointless conversations the instant you figure out that the person you’re talking with is not a right fit for what you have going on. In retrospect, allow yourself to understand that if you talk to eight people for an hour, that’s an 8 hour day. It’s important to value your own time. Make sure you have that mindset with every person you speak with.

Furthermore, the communication with Vitaly notates the fact of the matter that there are just so many people to talk to. Get rid of that scarcity mentality. If you’re thinking you’ll ever run out of people to talk to… you’re wrong. Now, it’s not about having people to talk to, it’s having the right people to talk to. “Honestly, I’m never busy. I’m productive. If there is a right person to talk to, I will make time. But a lot of people think that when they talk to people they are working their business, and they get into the mentality of being busy. Being busy does not equal results. Being busy is a term that people use who do not know how to effectively use their time. To get results, you have to be productive. In the network marketing industry for example, newcomers recruit, and professionals sort. Look through your contact list, or through your leads, and figure out who is good for what. If you have multiple products; sort that list into people who would be interested in a particular product, if you’re offering services, break that list down the same way. Then take a look at the people who are interested in the business opportunity and get them in. You should be constantly working on your business. When a name comes to mind, don’t wait, take action. Anytime a thought pops in your mind of a task, accomplish it. Don’t hesitate. If you can’t accomplish it in that instance. Write it down, and get to it at the next opportune moment. Be productive, don’t hide your lack of productivity by fooling yourself with busy work. I am not saying it’s bad to be busy, sometimes being productive requires terms such as being busy, but understand that the term has to come from productive and action driven mission and vision.”

Now that we know that there are just way too many people to talk to. If you think about it, people will never stop from being born. Literally, you can connect with anyone online and send them a message. You can walk up to anyone you’d like, and start a conversation. What can possibly be stopping you from doing that? For some people it’s easier to talk to people online, for others it’s easier to talk to people in person, and other people can do both.

Entrepreneurship is one of the leading factors that encompasses many skill sets, and is the foundation to beginnings where individuals continue to thrive, and prevail in their ongoing endeavors of betterment in many areas in life. Learn more about Vitaly by going to

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Informative business website, with a hint of entrepreneurship.


Informative business website, with a hint of entrepreneurship.

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