The Chapters (so far) For Harmakhis

By Iohannes | Vita Nova | 8 Feb 2020

This is a rundown of the current finished chapters for the book I'm working on called Hamrakhis.  There are 8 chapters so far, and my goal was to have either 12 or 24 chapters. The idea was that they would be episodic, and I figured to roll with the common 12 episodes in a season format of US television shows. Some seasons have up to 24, possibly even 48, if they are a daily, or at least 5 shows per week, or for some other reason have a longer season than most programming. But, for the book, it depends more on if 12 chapters is enough to tell the story in. Thus, part of my posting the chapters here is to help me review what I have so far and to see whether I'm close to completing the story for the book or not. 


So here are the chapters thus far:

Chapter 1: Genesis

The main characters and Ba'ast family are introduced, giving a glimpse of the brother-sister relationship between Makhis and Khaitie. Family life with Father - Dante, and Mother - Nakita, are introduced. There is also a brief origins story of Mars/Panterrea, and then news clips of current events, all of which intend to set up later aspects of the story.

Chapter 2: The Exhibit

Acting as a word's fair or technological expo of Panterea, The Harmakhian Exhibit mainly displays the advances of Harmakhis, along with a few notable contributions from Al Quahira and Ma'adim, the other two main city states of Panterea. While The Exhibit is a peaceful even, bringing together the nations of Panterrea, this particular event ends in chaos, as the enemy up north is spotted flying through the industrial sector, targeting a nearby lab called the Abedjou Technological Center.

Chapter 3: Back Home

Once the lock down of the Harmakhis Technological Exhibit is over, Nakita takes her cubs Makhis and Khatie back home. Despair hits the Ba'ast house, and the cubs decide to take matters into their own hands to find out what happened to their father.

Chapter 4: Along The Desert Trail

On the desert mountain trail that wraps around the northeastern edge of the Great City, Khatie and Makhis travel the trail called Itawo Mem Wa (Alone Among Ancestors) to get to the Abedjou Technology Lab.

Chapter 5: Divergence

Nakita is in great distress. Her cubs have been missing for so long. Hathoria tries to help, and the Noble Guard is called as well. Meanwhile the cubs make it to the end of the trail, and begin a journey that neither one of them expected to be on, nor would they have ever wanted to be.

Chapter 6: Academia And Dreams

Seven years after the tragedy on the trail. Makhis has grown up and is about to graduate from the academy. However, he continues to have certain dreams that haunt him.

Chapter 7: The Rise Of The JGM

The Jahi Gahiji Minkha (JGM) rise in the ranks as one of the top spec ops cohort groups in the Harmakhian Noble Guard. This leads to more assignments further north in the Nirgalian frontier. Their success is countered by a new enemy weapon.

Chapter 8: The Rivalry

The Jahi Gahiji Minkha (JGM) meet a new, more challenging foe who seems unbeatable. The first battle ends badly, as Makhis winds up in the hospital recovering from a strange teleport malfunction.

This concludes the synopsis of the finished chapters of the story so far. 

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