Dream Scene Vol. 1

By Iohannes | Vita Nova | 29 Feb 2020

This is something like an ongoing series style post. You could say it's a mix of short stories, some more complete than others, but each are more like scenes from a movie. What they really are, are dreams that come to me from time to time. This is sort of a way for me to process them, as well as document and save them should I ever try to expand on them to make a more complete story. In this first installment, I'm just going to go through a dream I had from just these past few hours, between about 3:00 AM - 9:30 AM PST on the 29th of February, 2020.  That being said, the story may be rough, and it will be written in the first person of the narrator, being me, the one observing the dreams, describing as best I can what I saw, or thought, or I guess you could say it's what was 'seen' through the mind's eye that acted as the camera viewing the scenes. That's as best as I can describe the phenomena of the vivid dream, so let's get into it now. 

The first scene I get dropped into deals with a pair of would be bank robbers. They are young, but I suppose, ambitious. It's just that they happened to put their passion into this heist. The plan was that one of them would somehow find a way into the vault while the other, the character I am watching at the moment, is to toss a stick of dynamite into the middle of the bank to cause a shell shock sort of thing to happen among those in the bank. Exactly how this was supposed to work, as well as how they might escape the scene of the crime, I don't know. It doesn't get revealed because the one who was supposed to toss the dynamite either had a change of heart or got cold feet, or whatever. Either way, he runs out of the bank, leaving his buddy high and dry. It was a little clearer during the dream, but I'm a little foggy after waking about the trail of where dynamite kid ran off to. But it was out onto the streets, and I think he crossed a bridge, or wanted to cross one, or maybe that was where he was hoping  to go, so he could toss the dynamite stick into the river to get rid of it. Along the way, some girl among the people he passed shouts out, "Look! That guy has a big firecracker in his pants!" The era seems to be fairly modern, because people had mobile devices. This was how the news of the attempted robbery spread fast enough that, when the guy, running through what looked to be a university, was tackled by, either a team of campus police, or by some sports team that happened to be in this grassy field on the campus. At this point, it becomes more clear that our would be bank robber fugitive does not make it to the bridge, and the dynamite was still on him. It was a basic stick, possibly home made, and it's unclear if it would have been able to detonate, or do much more than make a loud bang. However it might of worked is beside the point, now that the guy has been caught.

In the second scene, we are introduced to this young petite girl, probably about 18, at the oldest, possibly 20. I'm not sure exactly where she is, other than it's dark and stuffy, with old furniture, some worn, a few broken. It's possibly a basement of some apartment building in the city. Either that, or it's an old abandoned cabin somewhere in a forest or mountain woods outside the city.  Again, the actual scene was pretty vague, and the memory of it foggy on the finer details. But the girl, I'll call Alice because her petite features and blond hair make her seem rather young. How she talks, and what seems to be her manner of thought appears naive, but hints that she may be smarter than what is let on. But it's hard to say that she's all that smart, being that she had been waiting for dynamite boy and his pal to return. I think the scene switches to another place. Or at least in the awake brain, it makes no sense that she would be talking with the guy who had been caught, unless she had gone to his jail cell. Yet, it's plausible, though not very possible that the dynamo wonder boy could escape so easily. Either way, the guy tells Alice to wait for him, that he'll find a way out, and they'll be able to continue on the plan they had to fulfill whatever dream it was that they had to leave the city they were in for wherever they wanted to go. 

Alice didn't seem to be interested in waiting around. She finds herself first among a strange lot of people that, I suppose they are aristocrats, or maybe some sort of mafia type criminal organization. Maybe her boyfriend told her to go here, and the people would take care of her. They did seem to do that, but there was something sinister about them, and even a bit unworldly. The more preternatural aspect starts coming when it seems like she's in some sort of initiation into the gang or family. At first it seems like they are having some over night party where apparently they enjoy playing basketball. Some guy challenges Alice, but after he knocks her down, he disappears. Later, she finds him in a frozen state, and when she pushes him to get his attention, he topples over like a statue, which led to his hand that was extended to bust off. No blood flowed out, and there was only a quick view of the damage done, so any details about the busted off hand couldn't reveal if the guy was solid stone, or if there were layers of human flesh and bone, as if he was just frozen solid. After seeing this, she ran from the mansion that this strange initiation was taking place in. 

The next scene is her coming to this large and rather old theater.  She makes some deal with this woman that owns, or is some director in charge of the theater. The woman allows Alice to use a dressing room as her place of residence, and I guess part of the deal was that she would take on chorus and background roles in performances at the theater. This impression comes to me in how she winds up in this dance number where they do a strange dance where eight people put one of their legs together in the middle while extending out their other leg and twirl. It looks, in a certain manner, like an octopus, as they move their legs like tentacles as they twirl. It was an unusual dance, and I'm not even sure it would be possible in real life. But the dancers perform it quite well. This strange man in a top hat and trench coat, who appears to be the director of the production that was being rehearsed, stops them and calls for a break, as well as some time for those that are principle actors to meet with him over something. Alice is left cleaning the auditorium, scrubbing at the edge aisle near a strange sort of wall. One would think it's like a giant aquarium, by the liquid feature of what at first seems like glass. However, if you touch it, the glass ripples like tapping a finger upon water in a pond. It might be possible to put your hand through, and Alice attempts to, until she is distracted by this large man in a t-shirt and overalls who happens to be the head janitor for the theater. They get to talking about various things, but the conversation that remains from the dream is their talk about the director. In case one didn't know already, the janitor mentions that the director is rather eccentric. Outside of his steampunk attire, he collects various oddities that intrigue him. One being that strange liquid window or mirror. And yes, that Alice in wonderland sort of theme of the dream becomes very clear. Yet, before any adventures into where that strange mirror might take her, the dream skips to a scene where the janitor and Alice are in some sort of, ah, 'romantic' embrace. And I'll leave it at that, since I woke up not long after seeing that rather interesting bonding between the larger frame of the janitor and the petite one of Alice. I won't go into much detail beyond that because I didn't see that much detail there, and what I did see, I shall omit and leave up to the reader's imagination. Again, she's somewhere between 18 to 20 in age, so whatever they were doing, they were of age to do it. Before it moved to that scene, the janitor mentioned that the director was a believer in a flat earth. Alice tells the janitor how she believes the earth is round, though, with all the planets out in the universe, it's possible one of them could be flat. She then asks if the janitor knew about the missions to Mars, and that's when he kisses her, and the scene moves to, well, the other scene that I'll fade to black from. 

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Vita Nova
Vita Nova

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