The Monteverde Angel, guardian of Staglieno.


Staglieno angel



It was the reformists and affluent bourgeoisie who wanted to place long-lasting memorials to remember their work and moral accomplishments that developed the tradition of funeral sculpture to be placed with their tombs. Opened in 1851, The Staglieno cemetery had one of the world’s best collections of extraordinary realistic sculptures. Guarded by the Monteverde Angel, the grieving moment is mortalized!

I had a mind-opening experienced as I explored this place. Seeing how their grieving moment is visualized in a very realistic work of art, it's almost like being in that time and moment! I could spend the whole week looking at each tomb. This is one of the places that I will need to revisit to finish my adventure looking at the past in a highly artistic fashion.



The entrance of Staglieno Cemetery

Famous sculptures in Staglieno

Hallway in Staglieno



Lovers in Staglieno




Thank you for traveling with me!

*Images and Story are copyright Julius Yls

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