Street in Tokyo and Shrine in Nikko Japan

Exploring Tokyo & Nikko in Summer

Tokyo city and Nikko village


Taking small old Leica X1 to Japan.
:: Super Short Article ::

Visiting Tokyo has been on my travel list since I was a kid. I guess I was fascinated by the manga and anime movies of robotics and future city, and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to visit in summer 2012. This is a short article about my travel experience and shooting with Leica X1 which that time I had for a few months since I bought it.

We arrived in Tokyo in the middle of summer, and we are staying in a nice small locally owned hotel located in a neighborhood in Tokyo. The city is very vibrant and exciting, with lots of things to see and experience. I was so excited and struggling to decide what to shoot!. To add on, I just had this X1 a few months ago and still unfamiliar with the camera. The equivalent 35mm focal lens is also unfamiliar territory for me ( I am very comfortable with 28mm and 50mm).

In this post, some of the shots that I took aren't strong in terms of composition. It shows that I still trying to adjust with the 35mm frame line.

One of my highlights on this trip using this camera is the macro. I found that the macro capability of this camera is excellent, and it took sharp and beautiful objects up closed.

Shrine in Tokyo

*Meiji-Jingū Shrine


Market street in Tokyo

Bar owner in Tokyo

*“Master” thats how we call him. the chef and owner of small Isakaya shop in Tokyo.

Street in Akihabara Tokyo

*Street in Akihabara, the center of electronic and Manga world.

Golden statue in Asakusa Tokyo

*Golden statues in souvenir shops in Asakusa.

Statue and tree in Nikko

Train driver in Tokyo

* Train driver in Tokyo fast train.

The picture of the lady train driver above was taken at a slow shutter speed at 1/15 sec. I have to stick the camera to the glass divider to reduce the hand shakes, which works quite well.

This little X1 is light and yet produce excellent image quality. The classic appearance often draws people's attention at that time, but yet it kind of low-profile camera. On the last day of our trips to Japan, I am thinking that finally I found my favorite point and shot camera and I will use this camera for many trips to come.



Thank you for traveling with me!

*Images and Story are copyright Julius Yls

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