Tassinari (Capt) Tava

Firtst friendly match vs Umana Reyer

  • Umana Reyer: Bestagno 27, Carangelo 2, Pan 10, Petronyte 16, Madera 6, Smorto 1, Attura 18 All. Romano
  • Segafredo Virtus: Pasa 7, Tassinari 2, Ciavarella 17, Tava 6, Barberis 8, Laterza 6, Dojkic 19, Battisodo 3, Bassi 2. All. Lardo.

80 to 70 (66 66) after one overtime is the final result for the first friendly match vs Umana Reyer Venezia for the black & white girls in Rovigo. 

Incomplete roster for all the two teams, in the rows of the Virtus were missing Cecilia Zandalasini, Sabrina Cinilli and the two USA still busy in WNBA.

Score almost always in the gold granade hands with the emilians always ready to draw the opponents together, 66 to 66 is the final risult after the fourth quarters, the additional five minutes they were fatal for the defeat of Virtus girls.

If good morning it starts in the morning, the raod will be bright.

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Italian fan of crypto currency and also of women basketball of Virtus Segafredo Bologna and of the Capt.

Virtus Segafredo Bologna Women Basketball
Virtus Segafredo Bologna Women Basketball

A simple blog about of this fantastic team that play in the maximum series of Italian Campionship

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