VG's brief Overview - Hush - A Privacy-Focused Ecosystem

VG's brief Overview - Hush - A Privacy-Focused Ecosystem

By virtugrana | VirtuGrana | 21 Aug 2020

Privacy is a very serious and important matter. Mainly, in the crypto world. Not everyone wants their transaction data to be exposed in a cryptocurrency’s block explorer. Be they entrepreneurs or ordinary people, everyone has their reasons for hiding their transactions, after all, we are dealing with money, something that can be very personal, depending on each one.

Fortunately, there are cryptocurrencies focused on privacy. Some of the best known are Monero (XMR), ZCash (ZEC), and ZCoin (XZC). But in this article, get to know the Hush cryptocurrency, with an ecosystem focused on privacy.

Originally called ZDash, it was a fork of ZCash 1.0.8 that had its genesis block mined in 2016. Currently, Hush has its latest version migrated to a new code based on the Komodo and ZCash v2.0.x cryptocurrency.


Zero-Knowledge Core — Hush implements the ZCash protocol with some additions that guarantee high confidentiality and privacy in the data transacted. That is, the transactions remain encrypted and are still able to be validated thanks to the Zero-Knowledge test.

Private Messenger — HushChat is the private messenger developed by the Hush team, using ZK-Snarks technology. In terms of design, it is based on the Signal protocol but does not use any code from the same.

Security — Uses DPow (Delayed Proof of Work) technology. It consists of a layer of security, taking advantage of Bitcoin’s huge hash rate through cross-chain notarizations. Not acting as a primary consensus, but a secondary one. In the case of Hush, it uses notoriety from Hush blocks in Bitcoin and Komodo, insuring itself against attacks of 51%. Notarizations are like backups of Hush’s system that are registered on the Bitcoin and Komodo blockchain.




It’s the all-in-one wallet from the HUSH developer team. There you can make transactions on the HUSH network, as well as send messages to hush addresses through Hush Chat and mine blocks. This is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.



HushChat is an application contained in the SilentDragon Lite wallet that allows you to communicate with others anonymously or through a pseudonym, using the HUSH network. In the future this will be coming to mobile devices, and will also allow you to send messages to up to 1,000 contacts simultaneously, allowing encryption of mailing-list style messages.


Decentralization is one of the most important parts of HushChat. Today’s private, or encrypted messengers, track users with phone numbers and use centralized servers to process and store users’ messages which leaves them vulnerable to attacks which we see time and time again. Hush is run in a decentralized manner, by users, with miners processing transactions and full-node wallets securing the network. HushChat implements the Signal protocol without having the need for phone numbers or any centralized server storing messages. Rather, the messages are stored on the Hush blockchain with three layers of extreme encryption protecting them. Through Delayed Proof of Work, notarizing transactions to Bitcoin and Komodo, HushChat is censorship-resistant. All of this and more makes HushChat the most private and secure encrypted messaging service.



In ZCash’s main network (ZEC), shielded transactions are split into 2 different outputs, which is a point to be considered in terms of anonymity and is weak in this sense. But the HUSH team invented Sietch to solve this.


Sietch is a way to increase the privacy of the network through consensus rules with a layer, involving shielded transactions, on top of the ZCash protocol, protecting the metadata. This split all shielded transactions for 8 outputs, inspired by coins with Cryptonote as Monero, adding more anonymity to the network, running on the Hush chain since January.

Any currency that uses the ZCash protocol can be upgraded to the Sietch-enabled Hush Protocol. For more information click here. There is also an academic paper on this here.

Z and T addresses

HUSH allows you to have privacy in your transactions. There are two types of addresses. The z addresses and the t-type addresses.

T addresses are known as transparent addresses, where they are just like common Bitcoin addresses.

The z addresses are fully protected, guaranteeing armored transactions and private balances, using the non-interactive Zero-Knowledge test.


At the time of this article, the first HUSH cryptocurrency halving is estimated for 28 November, in the block 340,000, where the block reward will drop from 12.5 to 6.25 HUSH and the block time will be cut in half: from 2.5 minutes to 75 seconds to speed up transactions on HUSH chain. And we will also have FULL ENFORCED PRIVACY where only z-type addresses will be allowed.



The core team of HUSH is anonymous, known for its nicknames, but that does not detract from the construction of the project, as many projects are really interesting and in practice too, even with anonymous members. The community is also welcome to contribute to the project, with members from various parts of the globe. Discuss with the other members on the HUSH Discord.



The roadmap has 11 points to be implemented, from the launch of the pure sapling in the HUSH chain to the development of a TipBot for discord, which will guarantee encrypted on-chain transactions, with 7 of these points on the roadmap already in operation. This shows the team’s dedication to bringing more use cases to the HUSH cryptocurrency.

Well, that’s it, for more information follow the links below.

Official Links

Attacking ZCash:


#Blockchain and #Crypto Enthusiast, promoter. Investor. Not a financial advisor of any form. If interested PM or add on Discord: VirtuGrana#3892


#Blockchain and #Crypto Enthusiast, promoter. Investor. Not a financial advisor of any form. If interested PM or add on Discord: VirtuGrana#3892

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