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One of the most important factors for the recognition and formation of a crypto project, without a doubt, is its community. The community can be both a destructive and constructive factor for the project. And how to get a strong community for your project? The idea and technology need to be flashy and functional. What good is the idea good, but in practice, it doesn’t work?

A community can be composed of several people with different talents. We can find designers, writers, developers, marketing, and others. Being able to offer their services voluntarily for believing in the project or being rewarded by the project’s developers. Anyway, in this article, we will learn about some of the projects developed by the cryptocurrency community Idena.

What is Idena?

Idena is a cryptocurrency project that focuses on having a democratic network, where 1 node = 1 vote, through the consensus of Proof of Person, each wallet is a crypto identity. It can also be understood as a protocol. That is, it allows applications to be able to function and interact through the idena network.

Identities are validated by the wonderful, and sometimes strange, validation ceremony, where candidates need to resolve flips. Flips are a set of images that form a story. To solve them, you need to choose which set of images follows a logical story, using the words provided.



Idena-Apps consists of a website that aggregates applications and utilities built on top of the Idena ecosystem, developed by Bingbinglee. Most of the applications were built by the community and consist of applications for different types of purposes.

Its design is clean and intuitive. It is available in 9 languages (including English) at the time of writing this article. You can find links to applications, communities, videos and blogs, explorers, and other important links. Check out some of the apps that I found very interesting.



There are more than 20 apps built on top of the Idena protocol or that are related to the project. They were built by community developers. In this list, I will only quote some that I found interesting.

Disclaimer: keep in mind that you will be responsible if you use the applications listed below. This does not represent something completely safe. Remember to back up your data and be careful to protect your equipment. Without further ado follow the list of Idena-apps


Find information in the form of statistics on the blockchain of Idena, through this application developed by IdenaToday Team. Get information on flips, times, supply, exchanges, validations, and more. For more information visit this link.



A web wallet for idena. It has a very light, clean, and intuitive design too, demonstrating the care of the developer Idena-dev in bringing something useful to the community. Supports mnemonical phrases as a form of backup, connection to wallet hardware, and the option to generate multiple accounts. For more information check this link.



An artistic game built on Idena’s protocol. Log in through your Idena wallet and have fun coloring pixels. For more information check this link.



Run bounties/airdrops campaigns, completing the tasks that are requested, and receiving coins for your bag. Or organize campaigns, sponsoring, knowing that it will be fair without robots, since each user logged in is a human, that is, it is an identity validated by the idena network. For more information check this link.


A voting system that is based on the Idena protocol by RealMahmoud. Vote on proposals, or poll so that other validated identities can vote. Very simple and intuitive interface too, in the same theme and color palette of idena’s official website. For more information check this link.

Idena Forum


A discussion forum about Idena. Authenticate yourself with your idena wallet and interact with the other members, discussing various issues related to idena, but not only that but also other currencies. This forum was developed by RealMahmoud. For more information check this link.

Other Apps

Here are some more apps built on top of the Idena protocol. They are no less important for being on this list, as they are worth taking a look at:

For more applications see the website

Official Links





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VG’s Brief Overview — Idena — Proof-of-Person Blockchain

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#Blockchain and #Crypto Enthusiast, promoter. Investor. Not a financial advisor of any form. If interested PM or add on Discord: VirtuGrana#3892

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