MCM - Mobile Crypto Marketplace

MCM - Mobile Crypto Marketplace

By virtugrana | VirtuGrana | 18 May 2019

Nowadays, Internet consumerism has been increasing, due to the ease and practicality of this type of purchase. The market of marketplaces on the internet, has grown absurdly.

What is a marketplace?

The marketplace is a company-mediated platform in which multiple vendors subscribe and sell their products. This platform can be seen as several shop window displays.
The customer enters the site and begins to look for the product that he would like to buy, during the search he appears to the customer several companies that sell the same product and similar items, instigating the customer to enter many stores without leaving the same site in this way , the user ends up buying more than one item, whether from different companies or not.

Just as the market for virtual marketplaces grows every day, we have the cryptocurrencies, growing more and more as well. Every day launches a new, different cryptocurrencies in BitcoinTalk with a different proposal.

In this article we will know the MCM — Mobile Crypto Marketplace. Developed by the staff of the cryptocurrency MCPC — Mobile Pay Coin.


The Interface

It is a marketplace project with a very simple and intuitive design. You can easily create your account, and put your products on sale, in a functional way.
One of their main palette colors is yellow, a vivid, elegant and cheerful color.



Currently, until this moment, MCM is selling products in the area of ​​computers and clothing. You can have access to software licenses, headphones, processors, SD cards, drones, and T-shirts.




By clicking on a product, you have access to more information about them, with compare options, add to wish list and cart. Plus you can conduct reviews, view seller information and find more related products.


Payment options

One of the proposals of the MCM is to allow payment through several cryptocurrency, making it more comfortable for the consumer, to choose their favorite cryptocurrency for payment.

At the moment of this article, there are payment options with the following cryptocurrencies: MobilePayCoin, Xdna, Block Logic, Vulcano. But, they are always open to receive new cryptocurrencies.



You can register easily by initially entering your email and indicating your propensity to use MCM. If you are looking to use MCM as a seller or consumer. Check the video below and get more information on how MCM works:

Official Links

🌐 Website:
🖥️ Github:
₿ BitcoinTalk:


✈️ Telegram:
👾 Discord:




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#Blockchain and #Crypto Enthusiast, promoter. Investor. Not a financial advisor of any form. If interested PM or add on Discord: VirtuGrana#3892

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