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Where the Heart can Speak, and the mind can chill

Amidst the chaos and the noise, I seek a moment of inner poise.

To find a space, serene and still, Where the heart can speak, and the mind can chill.

The world spins fast, and time flies by, Leaving us lost, with a sigh and a why.

But in the stillness, there is a light, A gentle glow, that brings us insight.

It reminds us of the beauty within, Of the power of love, and the freedom to begin.

To create and dream, to hope and aspire, To fuel our passion, and let it transpire.

The quiet whispers of the soul, Speak of a journey, towards a whole.

Of finding peace, amidst the strife, And living a life, of purpose and life.

So let us pause, in the midst of the rush, And take a moment, to listen and hush.

To hear the voice, of our deepest desires, And let it guide us, through the trials and fires.

For in the stillness, there is a magic, A sense of wonder, that is truly tragic.

To miss out, on the moments divine, And not embrace, the beauty of time.

So let us cherish, the moments of calm, And let them heal us, like a soothing balm.

For in the stillness, we can find, The answers we seek, and peace of mind.


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The Virtual Idealist
The Virtual Idealist

Hi, this is The Pursuit, its meant to be a fun entry point into the crypto world for me. I will be writing Poetry, Short Stories, NFT/Gaming articles, and more. I invite you all to come along with me for the ride and i thank you for the support .

LazyArt's Poetry
LazyArt's Poetry

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