A New Day is Born

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The morning light creeps through the window

A new day is born A fresh start,

a new beginning It's time to rise and be reborn

The world is waiting for you With endless opportunities

Don't let the bed hold you captive Rise up, and set yourself free

The birds are singing their song Nature is awaking

With each new dawn comes new hope So don't let yourself be mistaken

The future is yours to shape So don't let the day go to waste

Get up, and seize the day Make it one to truly taste

Take a deep breath, and stretch your limbs Feel the energy flow through you

You are strong, you are capable There's nothing you cannot do

So rise up, and face the day

With a smile and a heart full of grace

For each new morning brings new light

A brand new chance to win the race.


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The Virtual Idealist
The Virtual Idealist

Hi, this is The Pursuit, its meant to be a fun entry point into the crypto world for me. I will be writing Poetry, Short Stories, NFT/Gaming articles, and more. I invite you all to come along with me for the ride and i thank you for the support .

LazyArt's Poetry
LazyArt's Poetry

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