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Good morning, lovers of knowledge and learning, today we return to talk about a topic, which we published a few months ago. The difference is that today we speak in a more extensive way, and we see necessary to retake so interesting information, since we are very young, they speak to us, in house and the school, on the Self-esteem, nevertheless, in the last times, a mistaken concept is being given to it. Therefore, in Virtual Variety we will talk about this topic in a summarized way. We imagine, after reading this introduction, that you are wondering; What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is a set of components that encompasses cognitive, affective and behavioral, and depending on it, we will see positive or negative results in the workplace, social, personal, emotional, family and even global. In a few words, it consists of loving, respecting and having a positive attitude in life, however, this leads to several processes, which we will explain in a structured manner, so as not to leave any doubt. Therefore, it is composed of several factors:

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WHAT I THINK - It is not logical, to think that we are not capable to face any challenge that is presented to us or capable to overcome any obstacle that appears, one of the key factors to have stability in our lives, is what we think of ourselves, of the self concept that we have, and how we are achieving what we propose, or on the contrary, how we are stagnating, without looking for immediate solutions. If we think our life is wrong, and we only see darkness everywhere, then there is an internal and external conflict. And we will never find any solution, by subtracting qualities, and having a rather sad perception of ourselves.

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HOW I FEEL - An important factor of Self-esteem is this, our state of mind and health, influences a lot in our daily progress and development, to the point of affecting our way of life. The most important thing is to have good mental and physical health, both have to be balanced, while we feel, sad, frustrated, stressed, tired, we will never get out of that stagnation, where we are, and we will never achieve what we want, to the point of reaching a kind of depression, for not looking for escapes, for not seeing the situation and / or the picture, from another point of view.

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OUR ACTIONS - If we think that we are a failure, if we feel that we are failures, then we will act as such, this is logical, but the one who receives the worst part is our Self-esteem, and it is where a problem of our life arises, sometimes we let ourselves be carried away by emotions, when we do not achieve something, when we do not win something, when even some plan does not turn out as we think, we immediately start thinking in the worst way, and we do not think that we have a tomorrow to come, where we can correct what we did wrong, or achieve what we could not today. Nothing is lost, the secret of life, is to have constancy, and you win, if you get discouraged by a defeat or a failure that is presented, then you will have many problems on the way, not always everything is given as we want or imagine, and that is the interesting thing about life, because from a bad time, a bad streak, can arise a great learning, a great experience, which in the future will make us wiser, and able to overcome great challenges that arise. That is why our actions, our attitudes and our thoughts, play a fundamental role in Self-esteem.

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However, we cannot fail to mention, that apart from having such important factors, self-esteem has certain characteristics that we sometimes ignore: 

  • It is not innate
  • Develops throughout Life
  • Can be modified
  • It is influenced by our environment, actions, thoughts, feelings, among others.

Have you ever heard or read that self-esteem develops, and wondered: Is that true? The answer is yes, and you have to work on it, day by day, when we start this process, we will realize the big changes, that will arise in our lives, in our state of mind, in our attitude and in our vision of life. And we will be able to obtain certain benefits, which will change everything:

WE BEGIN TO LOVE OURSELVES - Something essential in the development of every human being is love, affection, sometimes we think that when the word "Love" appears, at once it has to resemble a couple, a courtship, however, there is self-love, where you begin to accept yourself as you are, with your virtues, with your defects, with your physique, no matter what they say, nobody is perfect, and we must value what we have, to love oneself is to go beyond, to take a selfie showing, if you have a few extra kilos, or showing your whole body, no, no, to love oneself is to respect you, is to value you, is to know how important you are, is to know that you cannot be satisfied with just anything, is to go beyond in life, and enjoy every moment of it, with what you were born, with what you have. When we begin to develop our self-esteem, we begin an important stage, to love ourselves, and to see how valuable we are.

WE BEGIN TO KNOW OURSELVES - Apart from loving ourselves, we move on to the most essential and fundamental thing, to know ourselves, it is not about knowing where we have a certain scar that we got as children, or where we have the most beautiful mole, to know ourselves, it is to know what our abilities are, our qualities, our defects, our virtues, and up to where we are capable of going, up to where we can face different problems that are presented to us in life. That's what it's all about, knowing where you are located, what you want in life, what you need to improve, what you need to change, therefore it's important to develop self-esteem, to get to know each other more and more, because as long as that doesn't happen, we will be people who know others, but who don't know what their biggest goal, or dream, is.

RELATING AND ACHIEVING - And last but not least, when we already love each other, when we already know each other, the next change and contribution to our lives comes. The way we relate to the world, improves significantly, because our perception of everything changes, because we leave the dark room, and begin to see light. We also begin to achieve great things, we begin that process of making every dream come true, of achieving every goal, of moving forward no matter how difficult the path may be, because we become more confident people, we trust ourselves more, and we see how easy it is to achieve what we imagine.

Sometimes we think that to have a high Self-esteem, is to believe ourselves better than others, and to have a superior image of ourselves, and the truth is that it has nothing to do with Self-esteem, with that attitude, when these cases happen, of people with these great problems, they are called Narcissists, and even psychologically they are given the name of Delusions of Grandiosity. Having high self-esteem is not something negative, on the contrary, as you have read, it brings great benefits, that if we put into practice everything we have mentioned in this publication, our lives will change in a radical way, but in a positive way. Self-esteem is necessary in our lives, we must work on it, develop it every day, however we must also change our way of thinking, and thus begin to feel better, it is necessary to act differently, so that everything goes smoothly, and we can change our lives, as we always mention, we must have a Balance, Mentally and Physically. We hope you enjoyed this post, happy day.

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This text was translated from Spanish to English thanks to the translator Deepl.

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