Is Human Maturity a necessary Virtue?

By Virtual_Variety | Varieties | 7 May 2021

On many occasions in our lives, we have heard or read a very peculiar phrase: "I am very mature in spite of my age", however many times we see a contradiction with this topic, how do you know that you are mature, do you know what maturity is? We also see different cases, where it is believed that maturity goes hand in hand with age, and it is there where we remember this excellent phrase of an anonymous writer: "Maturity does not depend on age, but on your way of being and thinking". That is why we are going to develop this interesting topic, in parts to understand the Importance of Maturity, and in turn to know when we have reached to have or develop this Virtue.

What is Maturity?

According to the Web Site "Human maturity, biologically speaking, is a state that is reached when physical and sexual development is complete. This state is reached in most species". Starting from this premise, we can complement that maturity goes hand in hand with the Stages of our lives, with what we have lived, with all those experiences that leave us a daily learning or knowledge. Let us remember that life is undoubtedly our greatest house of study, we are constantly learning from our actions, attitudes, decisions and environment.

When our attitudes and decisions go hand in hand with logic, reason and coherence, we could say that we have already begun to develop this process of maturity, however when we let our emotions control us, and we are impulsive without measuring the consequences of our actions, that is when we move away from such an important virtue, to become immature beings.


Are there different types of Maturity?

The truth is that yes, Maturity has 3 types, which make us better understand each process of evolution that we have in life:

  • Psychological Maturity - This type of maturity is considered one of the most difficult to reach, because this is when we are in a true balance of body, soul and mind, because we can control our emotions, our impulses, and see life from different perspectives, see solutions when problems arise. It is so incredible to have that kind of maturity, that our critical and analytical thoughts play a fundamental role in our decision making. That is why it is considered one of the most difficult, because at this level our lives take another course, being aware that we can solve any situation that arises without falling into dramas, without falling into disgrace and always keeping calm.
  • Emotional Maturity - Undoubtedly this is vital for our evolution and development, Emotional Maturity goes hand in hand with our decision making and vision of life. Because in it we learn to cope with our emotions, to know them, to respect them and to avoid repressing them. As human beings we must express what we feel, but that is where this maturity comes into play, because we have to know how and when to express that emotion.
  • Sexual Maturity - Many times parents advise their children about the importance of being sexually mature, and perhaps this is given a bad interpretation, however Sexual Maturity is reached when our sexual organs are already able to reproduce. However, it is necessary to complement this type of maturity, because sex is a serious issue, which requires psychological, emotional and obviously sexual maturity, to be able to take that step.

Having a certain age does not make you mature...

Something we see very often in social networks, and in life itself, is people who confuse maturity with age, they have a certain relationship yes, but they are not the same, because your age does not define the level or type of maturity you have. Age is simply an indicator of life, where we know that time is passing, and we are in that stage of growth. Because there are many cases, where there are people with more than 30 years old, and they behave as if they were fifteen years old, however there are young people who by circumstance of life, have had to acquire an emotional maturity and see life from another perspective. That is why we cannot anchor these two terms. Age will never define the level of maturity of any person, it is relative. A mature person is one who accepts his or her reality, without making dramas, without protesting, simply looking for alternatives to improve what is wrong.

Maturity and its Characteristics.

As everything in Life, Maturity also has certain characteristics, which will undoubtedly be our signs, to know if we are developing this great Virtue, Maturity is equal to:

  • Responsibility - A mature person is responsible, and admits when he has made a mistake, assumes the consequences of his actions and does not seek to blame others for their irresponsibilities.
  • Constancy - When we are constant, we achieve great things in our lives, when we make a dream come true or reach that goal despite the obstacles, we understand that we are already in that process of maturity, where we understand the importance of continuing even though not always everything goes well, on the contrary, when we leave everything halfway, at the slightest problem that arises, we will be leaving to the path of immaturity.
  • Putting into practice what we learn - Maturity is related in an interesting way with our intelligence, in life we learn constantly especially from our experiences, when we put into practice that knowledge we are being mature people, because we will not make the same mistakes again, this does not make us have different perspectives of life, to make the right decisions and see life with optimism, despite everything.
  • Be Prudent - This is something very necessary nowadays, although life goes at a very fast pace, we should not act on impulse or get carried away by our emotions, when we make use of our maturity, we evaluate with determination how to act in life, how to do each thing, always looking at the different alternatives, the good and the bad. Prudence, besides being part of maturity, is also part of reflection, when we reflect before acting, we see better results.
  • Sacrifice - Everything in life requires effort, dedication, constancy, to obtain good results, one of the most relevant characteristics of maturity is to sacrifice some things to achieve others. When we are mature, we understand the importance of delegating time, some activities so that they can go well, for example, studying, deserves a lot of effort, wanting to be sentimentally with a person or work.

As we can see dear readers, maturity is a necessary subject to know, to talk about, because many times we tend to confuse it, and perhaps we think that we are mature, when it is the opposite, that is why it is necessary to constantly self-evaluate, to know ourselves, to learn, to read about similar subjects, because when we do not know, is when we make the worst mistakes, in conclusion to be mature does not depend on our age, but on our attitude, on our way of facing life, and to see it. The fact that we are mature does not mean that we are perfect, on the contrary, we will continue making mistakes, failing in some way, but the important thing is to admit this, and correct it, not pretend that everything is fine and move forward, ignoring those small failures.


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