Update on my top 5 Altcoins and why writers always promote projects/coins they are personally invested

By Vaman75 | Virgin Flair | 4 Jun 2020

So I did a post several weeks ago on my top 5, after a few writers were doing their top 5 and I have to say, I did not expect that all of my top 5 would have done as great as they have done in this time, even though I firmly believe they will all be great long term.

For a lot of writers they really promote coins that they are fully invested in and that I believe usually cloud their ability to not be biased. They will go at great lengths to find and write about their favourite coins and often neglect to really give readers an honest insight into other coins with fantastic projects.

To reflect on my top 5 at that time, ADA is on fire, DGB was on fire, Kava is on fire, Atom is getting started and I did not mentioned Loopring as there was no need.

Now what I did was looked at projects with excellent ideas and serves a real everyday purpose. This is what will ensure these coins are around long after crypto adoption.

You can comment and agree or disagree on whether you believe writers are too bias when they are writing about specific coins, always promoting the ones they are invested in and missing other great projects as a result.

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