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BTC and last week meltdown!

By Vaman75 | Virgin Flair | 21 Mar 2020

You probably woke up on the 12th of March 2020 and wondered like most of us what was going on?? The stock market was going down, Cryptos were going down, oil prices was going down and the big question was probably, is this the end?

Well think of the people who had real money and they decided to buy 100 Bitcoin when the price fell to $3900.00. Yesterday the price was at $7000.00. That's $3100.00 profit on each BTC they bought, one week ago!!

For some of us that don't have that kind of money, we can only watch as it went down then up.

The thought here is to be in a position to grab opportunities when they come and don't think too much about inherent risks as you will never get rewards if you don't take those risks.

For sure enough BTC could have gone lower than $3900.00. But untill you actually sell your coins, even if the value fluctuate, you never will lose money. 

Tuesday was the day to get in as the only way when you are down is up.

Always remember you should do your own research, invest what you can afford to lose and always go with your gut feelings after!

Be safe, stay strong and soon COVID-19 will be in the distance and then Cryptos will be mass adopted as we all hope for, so hold onto those penny coins, you never really know.

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Virgin Flair
Virgin Flair

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