Happiness is the Truth

It's nice when you are happy for no obvious reason. 
In fact, I've had every reason to be in a fairly foul mood given the current drama over at Whaleshares. (See my post there @viking-venture for more information.) I also haven't got everything done I wanted to do today (I try to write 1500 words every day for my books.) Still, I'm in an upbeat, cheerful mood - so, I'm sharing an old picture, but it feels right today.


Freedom to run; jump
Exploring our dynamics
Without derision.

This is what happiness is to a child - the ability to just be and to learn all the things they can do. This isn't to say they should not have responsibilities - they should! In fact, this responsibility, in itself, leads to further self-exploration and freedom. Children should be free to stand on the swings, climb up the slope of a slide and go down head first - how else do they learn how to judge risk in other situations?

Of course, this post wouldn't be complete without this amazingly happy song:


Happy by Pharrell Williams



Photo of my son taken in 2007 with my Pentax K100D.
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