Stock Trailer - You Are The Olympics

By PierreL | My Work | 4 Jan 2021

Ahead of the 2020 Olympics, I had the idea of making a fake bundle of ads for the games, using only stock footage (as I usually do in my Stock Trailers series). Even though COVID decided to change things a bit, I did not, so here is the first video from this series.

My "marketing campaign" is 'You Are The Olympics', and my goal is to include everyone in the games, athletes and fans, hardcore sports addicts and casual joggers alike, and to make you, the average Jane/Joe, feel like you're as much a part of it as the  athletes.

It is hard working with stock footage, as I don't always find exactly what I need to truly express what I have in mind, but that's what makes this challenge interesting, and I think the main idea worked out pretty well in this one.


Hope you enjoyed it, thanks for watching and I'll try to make the time to create a couple more of these, with different themes but still following my 'You Are The Olympics' idea.



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My Work

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