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8 Of Wands - Use Momentum To Generate Fast Results!

20 Oct 2021 6 minute read 0 comments DRB9490

The 8 Of Wands represent forward momentum, accelerated progress, and fast results. Things are moving quickly in your life when the 8 of Wands appear, and the energy you're feeling now is working in your favor. The competition and envy that others wer...

7 Of Wands - Stand Up For What You Believe In!

18 Oct 2021 6 minute read 0 comments DRB9490

The 7 Of Wands tarot card represent fighting for what you believe in, taking a stand, and defending your position. After winning the battle for position faced in the 5 of wands, and experiencing the success that comes with it found in the 6 of wands,...

10 Of Wands - The Weight Of Responsibility

4 Oct 2021 7 minute read 0 comments DRB9490

The 10 of Wands tarot card represent carrying a heavy burden, being overloaded, or taking on too much responsibility. It can feel like you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, but the good news're only a few steps from the...

Queen Of Pentacles - A Sensible, Practical And Nurturing Presence

28 Sep 2021 6 minute read 0 comments DRB9490

The Queen Of Pentacles tarot card represent a nurturing and loving nature, with an acute awareness to the needs of others. The Queen of Pentacles is practical and sensible, tactful and elegant. This card shows care and respect for money, nature, and...

9 Of Pentacles - Nothing Can Stop A Strong Independent Woman!

22 Sep 2021 6 minute read 0 comments DRB9490

The 9 Of Pentacles Tarot Card represents independence, confidence, assurance, and enjoying the fruits of your labor. We've seen the hard work and hours put toward achieving your goal in the 7 Of Pentacles, and the mastery of your work in the 8 of Pen...

How Do Soulmates Find Each Other? - It's Inevitable But Be Patient!

7 Sep 2021 3 minute read 3 comments DRB9490

The world is a big place, and with over 7 billion people on the planet how do soulmates find each other? According to Wikipedia, a "soulmate" usually refers to a romantic or platonic partner, with the implication of an exclusive lifelong bond. Others...

9 Of Swords - Are Stress And Worry Keeping You Up At Night?

6 Sep 2021 6 minute read 2 comments DRB9490

The 9 Of Swords Tarot Card represent anxiety, fear, stress, and worry. These emotions are created from overthinking and expecting the worst. When our minds reach a dark, negative, and toxic state, we begin to suffer and experience inner and outer tur...

4 Of Pentacles - Use It Or Lose it!

30 Aug 2021 6 minute read 0 comments DRB9490

The 4 Of Pentacles is a very divisive card, with both positive and negative interpretations depending on the viewer. On one hand, the 4 Of Pentacles can represent fear, greed, and a mindset of scarcity, lack, or 'not enough' to share. The 4 Of Pentac...

2 Of Pentacles - Handling The Roller Coaster Of Life

25 Aug 2021 5 minute read 0 comments DRB9490

The 2 of Pentacles represent balance, handling the ups and downs of life, and the capability of dealing with everything on your plate. While the 2 Of Swords is about handling internal struggle, the 2 Of Pentacles focuses more on balancing responsibil...

RollerCoin Game Rankings - Work Smarter Not Harder!

23 Aug 2021 7 minute read 4 comments DRB9490

I've really been enjoying RollerCoin, and I'm especially excited about the double DOGE coin bonus this week! I'm shocked that more people haven't started funneling their 'Mining Power' into Doge yet. I always put my mining power toward whichever coin...