Raise Vibration When Sad

Best Way To Raise Your Vibration When You Are Sad

By DRB9490 | Vibration101 | 14 Aug 2021

Everyone experiences bad days, or feeling like you're in a rut. That's O.K.! Sadness, fear, grief, anxiety and anger are feelings everyone experience, it's what make us human! The good news is, you're aware enough to realize how you're feeling, and that you're are in a low vibration. Self awareness of how well feel give us the ability to make a change! Let's explore the best way to raise your vibration when you are sad, and raise our vibration together!

Where Does Sadness Vibrate?

Vibrational Frequency

Feeling fear, sadness, grief, and shame can be difficult to manage. When we vibrate at a such a low frequency we get stuck in a downward spiral of even lower vibration feeling. This low vibration compounds and we experience even more sadness, grief and fear. Like moths to a flame, our thoughts and feelings continue to attract more of the same. It can be difficult to break out of this cycle when everything seems hopeless and discouraging. Like attracts like, and when we're in a low vibration state we attract more of the same experiences, places, and people that vibrate at the same low frequency.

Recognizing that something is off or that you're in a low vibration is the very first step to raising it and making a change. When we start changing our frequency, we change what we attract into our lives. Acknowledge the way you feel, and realize that it is just a temporary state that will soon pass.

Change Your Thoughts When Your Sad

I know this is much easier said than done, but once you start to realize you're feeling a little down in the dumps it's time to take action! Recognizing you're in a low vibration early is much easier to fix than continuing down the same path. Every one of us is blessed with free will, and the one thing we are in absolute control of is our thoughts. When you feel sad and you've recognized that feeling, take heart knowing that this too shall pass. You have the mental clarity to acknowledge your feeling, and now you can think about things that bring you joy and comfort.

Take a minute to write a list of things you're grateful for, or reframe your situation and look at it from someone else's perspective. It may not seem like it at this moment, but there are millions of people who would trade places with you in a heart beat if given the chance. You are loved, and you are a divine creation, love yourself and let the feeling of love flow through you.

Thoughts Reflect Life

When you're feeling sad and experiencing a low vibration, it is important to limit negative outside influences on your mind. Have you ever heard the phrase: "Misery loves company"? The news we watch, the social media we use, the food we eat, and the people we surround ourselves with can either raise us up or keep us down. Take a break from the negative headlines, from the toxic social media posts, and from the processed fast food. All of these things are keeping you bogged down in a negative mental state. Stay away from movies filled with hate, violence, and anger, and try watching something that will make you laugh. Our minds are like fertile gardens, and what we plant will grow. We can plant poison just as easily as corn or flowers.

Raise Your Vibration Physically

How are you sitting or standing? Are your shoulders slumped, head down, and back hunched? What facial expression are you wearing? Are you frowning, or scowling? What clothes are you wearing right now? Are they clean and presentable? These simple things all have a tremendous effect on our vibration! The way we present ourselves on the outside is a physical manifestation of the way we feel on the inside. I can guarantee if sit you up straight, put your shoulders back, and smile ear to ear for the next 10 seconds you will automatically feel better. Even if you have to force a smile, just put on your cheesiest smile and hold it....see what happens! :D

Smiling Raises Vibration

Your entire demeanor changes! You automatically start thinking about things that make you happy, you feel better. This is a simple example of physically raising your vibration. Another fun way to raise your vibration physically is to go in your closet and put on your favorite outfit. You know the one..... that "power suit" or your attention grabbing "feel good" outfit. Look good, feel good right? Even just taking a shower, brushing your teeth and taking care of your self will make a tremendous difference. Making outward changes will raise your vibration instantly when you're sad.

Raise Your Vibration in Nature

When you want to raise your vibration when you're sad, just go outside! Walk to the park, around the block, or just sit in your backyard. Connecting with nature is a great way to raise your vibration naturally. Being in the sun is proved to increase energy and vitality, which will raise your vibration when you're sad. Take a deep breath, and experience everything that you sense around you. Feel the breeze on your cheek, smell plants and flowers nearby, admire the bright leaves and colors that surround you. The sensory overload from being outside is a remarkable and life sustaining gift.

Nature Raises Vibration

"Negative" Feelings Are Still O.K.!

I am in no way claiming that you should block out feelings of sadness, grief, shame, or anger. These feelings are all part of the human condition, and ignoring them or pretending like they aren't there will end badly. Acknowledge the way you feel, embrace is, and work through it. If we never experienced sadness or anger, we would be unable to know joy, happiness, and peace. There can't be one without the other! I can be pretty hard on myself when I notice I'm in a low vibration, and then I experience guilt for feeling that way, which keeps me in a low vibration! No one is perfect, but we are constantly improving and bettering ourselves every day.

The moral is: Do what works best for you! Take time to give yourself a mental and emotional check up and gauge where you're at. If you aren't happy with where you are then start doing things differently than you are right now. Examine your thoughts, beliefs, and habits and then eliminate what isn't serving you. Be grateful for the wonderful life you've been given, enjoy the moment you're presented right now, and take control of your thoughts!

What are ways that you raise your vibration when feeling low? Share them in a comment, I would love to learn new techniques from others so that we can all improve. 

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