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Bali to wash the soul

By Lady Crypto | Lady Crypto | 22 Aug 2020


What to say about this magical place!  I visit Bali in Indonesia in November 2015 and I'm already looking forward to going back.  The first tip I give is about where to stay, if you want to know the magical and charming side of Bali it is essential to choose where to stay, as many tourists fall into the trap of staying in Kuta, not that Kuta is not interesting, but it is very busy,  I suggest setting aside just 1 or 2 days to get to know Kuta, there you will find thousands of shops with all kinds of trinkets, not to mention the many nightclubs where people go to play, then you’ve seen, people from all over the world  moments of crazy life, the beach is nice, but it doesn't compare to the Bukit peninsula.  But as this was not my intention and my boyfriend needs to surf every day or he becomes a bag without a handle, we chose to stay in Uluwatu.  We stayed in an all good hostel called Uluwatu Cottages, on the edge of the cliff, with an incredible view, super comfortable and the staff’s are a chapter apart.  You know that kind of person who gives you good energy, everyone is like that.

The Cottages pool is wonderful, on the edge of the cliff.

Room choice tips: Prefer the suites closest to the cliff, the view is breathtaking and you will have more privacy.  And best of all, the price, we pay an average of US $ 60.00 per day with breakfast.

The other option I recommend is The Brothers Villas, located between Uluwatu and Padang-padang, it is a little more centralized and also very cool, more recommended for singles and the daily rate is around U $ 45.00 with breakfast.

Let's go to the beaches.  Firstly Uluwatu, a unique beach like never seen before, not counting the perfect waves, you know those that you only see on the SporTV?  Yeah, you see them all the time and the surfers doing one show after another.

On the edge of the Uluwatu cliff there are several bars and shops, it's really cool to go there in the late afternoon, the sunset is a spectacle apart, and it's the point where the Surfers and the Muses from all over the world meet,  seriously, a lot of beautiful and detached people gathered.  On Sundays, sunset always turns into a party.

Padang-padang: You know that beautiful beach that appears in the film Eat, pray and love, it exists and it is exactly as the film shows, a paradise, I recommend renting Stand-up if the sea is calm.


Dreamland: This beach is inside a luxury condo called Pecatu Beach Resort, worth the trip, I recommend a stop at the shopping center very close to the beach for the girls, oddly enough, the prices are more affordable than in Kuta.

Binbin: There is almost no sand, only rocks, but there are many waves and it is worth the spectacle of the surfers.

Impossibles: There is also not much sand, and as my boyfriend says is a big surfer's beach, you have to have the morning of surfing.  To get there go through Binbin, as they are divided only by a stone on the beach.

Balangan: It is the longest beach in the region and has a very nice infrastructure.  While the boys surfed, I took the opportunity to take a Yoga class on the beach at sunset, imagine if it wasn't amazing!

Jimbaram: The beach is quite extensive, perfect for jogging, there are the hottest hotels on the beach and best of all, the restaurants, all on the beach, you dine with your feet in the sand.  Too beautiful and wonderful seafood, I recommend going at the end of the day and extending at night.

Temples: In Bali there are many temples, the people there are very religious and offering rituals happen all the time, I didn't have time to visit all the temples but what impressed me most was the Uluwatu temple, on the edge of the  cliff.  We went in the afternoon and on arrival we were welcomed by many little monkeys, it is mandatory to wear sarong or have your legs covered.  I recommend going to the afternoon to watch the presentation of the Katchaka, folk dance of the region, it happens together with the sunset, the show is beautiful.

Transport: The traffic in Bali is chaos, but the Balinese understand each other perfectly.  We rented a car, but finding yourself there is a bit complicated, even with GPS, for longer trips I recommend a guide.  Another tip is the motorbikes, it is very worthwhile, the daily rate is U $ 5.00 and much more exciting, you just have to pay a little more attention because there the hand is contracting, nothing that a day or two of training does not solve.




Tips: Get a massage, the Bali massage is one of the best in the world and very cheap, equivalent to U $ 10.00 an hour.


What to eat: The food in Bali is very different from ours, they use a lot of seasoning and pepper, doubtless go for Nasi Goreng which is the fried rice with vegetables from Bali, a delight and very affordable.  Abuse grilled fish and seafood and drink lots of Bintag, the typical beer there.  Another highlight is the Fruit salad, the fruits there are much tastier than ours.

And finally, go with an open heart to absorb all that positive energy from a super simple people and thankful for the little they have and will welcome you with open arms with great joy.  Bagus!


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