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By veegee | VG | 25 Dec 2022

Virtualgrowth as a coin token index of sorts from Math, and what has learned over many years in crypto and beyond.


bitcoin and satoshis... ...That's part what we want and want to stand on.  Bitcoin was first and SAtoshi as the first and satoshi as the base unit.  We all want more satoshi in our wallets as opposed to USD, or rather FRN's.  USDs aren't all that bad as more misunderstood.

Soon to be exploring some mixture(s) of coins, or rather wedges, or a token, as per whatever signs we may find and make the best of to follow where the index points too since we are all guessing.  Maybe we can get in better guesses.  If BTC > USD got for BTC.  If USD > BTC go for decentralized stable coins perhaps.

Will be making a game to explore the idea of an "index" from Math and also players.  Players may bid for tokens in various crypto tokens of their choice.  This may be part of the democratic index input.  This way players set the initial price and index.  Then we work together to improve upon things.  The "index" "token" will be available in some mix of coins and tokens.

The "index" "token" could be an NFT on the Polygon blockchain.  This could be available on OpenSea for some mixture of coinage of ethereum, dai, usdc, SAND, and MATIC.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!

Off to create a proof of concept T.I.G.: Token Index Game

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