Day 23 - Looking Through The Banano Blockchain

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Hello everyone and welcome to another article on Vendata's journey of the crypto world! I have been going through the crypto community, looking through various crypto services to uncover more in the crypto mine. As I was doing my usual business, I came across an interesting cryptocurrency: Banano. I have heard of this before concerning other crypto concepts, particularly with cryptomonKeys, which compelled me to further investigate what it is. Intrigued by the name and my history with it, I went into some more detail on it to find an exciting cryptocurrency with decent projects with and ahead of it. In this article, I will go through the cryptocurrency Banano that I recently found, outlining what it is with the main services associated with it, alongside my thoughts and opinions on it based on the research I have made. 

What Is Banano (BAN)?

Banano is a fork from a different cryptocurrency called Nano (NANO). What this means is that Banano is a copy of NANO, but has some changes in its protocol that bring several significant changes in its blockchain. According to Banano, "Banano is a feeless, instant, rich in potassium cryptocurrency powered by DAG technology disrupting the meme economy." Based on this description, it is fair to say that Banano is a meme cryptocurrency, which you can never get enough of in the crypto world! Since it is associated with cryptomonKeys, Banano does have NFT opportunities, and with no fees, it makes a good E-cash cryptocurrency.


Features of Banano include:

  • Instant and feeless transactions
  • Fungible
  • Meme potential
  • No mining required
  • No confusing units: 1 Banano = 100 Banoshi

In a word, Banano is a fun meme cryptocurrency, going bananas with its projects, the community helping it out.

Banano's Services

Banano has plenty of services established within the blockchain, with many more promises to come. Below are some of the most popular Banano services with a briefing on each of them:

  • Kalium - a wallet for Banano that is only available for iOS and Android (i.e. mobile phones).


  • Banano Vault - a browser-based wallet that also supports Ledger Nano S (i.e. for computers).


  • Black Monkey - fun little game where you compare monKeys (cute little monkey figures) and select the unique one for Banano. Features to look out for in each monKey include mouths, hats, glasses, and clothes.


  • Power plant - a place where you can mine Banano through the browser, meaning that no application setup is needed, which is very convenient to those new to mining and what a fresh way to start. However, I have tried to use it myself and find it is not working with me, not knowing why. This is unfortunate because then I cannot mine Banano!


  • Banano Miner - another place where you can mine Banano in a different format and with a more generous purpose of supporting medical research by mapping out complex biological compounds along with other things. This is not done by Banano themselves, but with a popular mining application called Folding@Home (F@H). Before using F@H, it is important to note that you will need to import your BAN address into Banano Miner, get the User ID and Team Number is given, and throw that into the F@H web control where it says "Change Identity." If you do not do this, you will not get your rewards, which is not what you would what!


  • Monkey Talks - a place where you can publicly publish messages to the MonkeyTalks website for Banano. Also has a faucet where you can earn some free Banano daily, which is nice from Banano.


Thoughts & Opinions

Banano is another great cryptocurrency supported by an eccentric community filled with laughs and giggles. It has unusual games and crypto services which although may not be of top-notch quality, are fun enough to have some pleasure out of it, influenced by the potential rewards as well. If you are serious about crypto, Banano is not the place for you. Personally, it is not a promising crypto exchange with many inconsistencies inside it and not a great crypto investment as well. For example, if you look at Banano's road map, you can find that it is filled with some vague and humorous projects for its future. One of the most out-of-this-world (literally!) projects is its last one (2021 Q4).

Claiming #1 spot on CMC, BINANCE listing, taking over the Milky Way galaxy. 


Overall, Banano is a decent cryptocurrency with an amazing community to drive it on, tended more to meme-seekers than crypto investors.


Now comes the end of this article. I hope you found the information helpful and useful for explaining possibly another cryptocurrency which you were not aware of, adding another crypto service to the long list which we already know. If you have begun to use Banano, I hope that it serves well to you and you find it fun and purposeful. I am open to any advice and feedback on what I have mentioned, being a crypto amateur and wanting to learn more and correctly, so if you have anything to say, please leave any comments below, and I will try to reply as soon as possible!

Looking through the Banano blockchain, I find another exciting crypto place in the crypto world, adding another investigation to my belt.

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I have just started getting into crypto and want to help others in the journey as I progress. I will give my advice, thoughts and opinions relating to different concepts of the best of my ability. No content promises to be 100% true and is for education.

Vendata's journey of the crypto world
Vendata's journey of the crypto world

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