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Expect Coercive UBI. Part 1: The Culture of Authoritarianism

By NOVAX | Vaxxed World | 28 Apr 2021


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Part 1: The Culture of Authoritarianism

Today I want to deviate from the topics of value investing and cryptocurrency which I write about often here on Publish0x on my Block To The Future blog. I feel the need to address a problem which appears to be common in the world of big tech. It's a problem which promises to divide the crypto community as it has every other community... and many of our families as well. The problem itself is known simply as authoritarianism. There was a time when authoritarianism was regarded as having a negative connotation.

In the past, we didn't like authoritarianism because we valued liberty. We previously rejected authoritarians because we cherished and defended the rights of the individual, which by definition guarantees the rights of the collective. However, when we begin describing our rights in terms of our obligations to the society we must then quantify this amorphous thing and ascribe our responsibility to a complex and dynamically changing definition of a group. Then we have to define our societal obligations to our community, city, state, country, and world. How do we characterize the group to which we belong? Aren't we all humans after all? I suppose that's an entirely different conversation. It's why defining our legal rights and responsibilities in terms of individual rights is the most elegant solution.

Whether we think of ourselves as mankind or humankind (which actually is of some consequence to this conversation if you are sensitive to the difference), the capstone and defining attribute of the American heritage of liberty, and the ideals to which all mankind should unanimously aspire, has been the defense of the individual's rights as endowed by our Creator. The story of all human history has been a long arc towards arriving at the American understanding of the individual's rights as the key component of our government's limited powers.

By defining what our government is, as well as what our government has our consent to do, both in terms of individual rights, the American constitution articulates the crowning human achievement. We have been striving to defend the rights, with which each person is born, in order to ensure that those rights are preserved and maintained equally for all. Governments do not establish or grant our rights. We establish governments and define our rights in order that governments may defend our rights from tyrannical kings and authoritarian tech moguls and their woke employees alike.


Our Creator defined our rights by giving us the animating spirit of reason which separates us from the animals. I acknowledge God, but you may think "the aliens", or Allah, or whatever you like. That's the point. You have free will and religious liberty too, but nobody can prove who or what Creator made us. So we agree to define our rights with a shared reality. Our shared reality is that mankind is special and we have individual rights by virtue of the fact that we exist in this form with higher consciousness and reason.

When we see mankind's divine rights violated, it is shameful and disgraceful. The secular humanists among the founding fathers at least agreed with the Deists and Christian founders that there was something special about man, that we should not butcher and consume one another like beasts. There was also blatant hypocrisy in the perpetuation of slavery throughout the formation of the American nation and the codification of our government on the basis of preserving individual rights. The exception made by the American founders to the individual rights of slaves is the mortal sin which continues to destabilize this nation centuries after its establishment. We need to stop making any exceptions for individual rights. However, this means that we must clearly define terms, because the wokest of woke authoritarians often insist upon inflicting their agendas under the banner of individual rights, because equal rights are not sufficient for everyone.

Just like in George Orwell's, Animal Farm, there are some who regard themselves as more equal than others. It's necessary for them to take a victory lap of retribution in order to flex their cultural dominance. That's easily forgivable because persecuted people should celebrate when they feel that their human rights have finally been acknowledged. However, in many cases, the participants in the woke left's victim Olympics are the defining personalities of the culture of authoritarianism. Seeking to redefine existing terms in order to appropriate traditional cultural and social meaning to previously persecuted lifestyles is a form of authoritarianism. Tolerance and diversity are virtuous, however, requiring universal affirmation and celebration of every lifestyle and system of belief is an indication of authoritarian culture. Insisting that all religions declare that all lifestyles are equal before God is the most futile act of woke authoritarianism.

You can't shame or persecute people out of their deeply held religious beliefs. That never works and it's arrogant to think that it would. "Woke" leftist authoritarian culture leads to "scientific" socialism which is what technocrats like to think of as evidence-based and data-driven government. Actually that's a sinister way of achieving conformity by rewarding desired behaviors. We did not implement government to build a Pavlovian mouse-trap for ourselves. The degree to which social engineers would like to influence and micro-manage not only our behavior, but also our beliefs, is disturbing to those who value freedom of thought.

The arrogant architects of the digital nanny-state will leverage this "great reset" to lay the groundwork for a coercive Universal Basic Income. The ultimate honey-pot for humanity is the dole that's too big too refuse and too costly to accept... the gift that requires you to betray your own principles in order to receive it. Keep reading this series as we dive deeper into the gradual implementation of coercive UBI policies (which have already begun) and what we can do to prepare for, and hedge against, this unfortunate but likely outcome.


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